Friday, November 10, 2006

Some Friday Soul for your stinking asses!! Robin Thicke "To the Sky"

Not for nothing but I think this guy should be a star already. I know that some people know who he is, but based on the steaming piles of giraffe crap that we are told is R&B nowadays, why in the fuck isn't this guy a household name?? It seems that regardless where this guy goes, the label shows that they can't market themselves out of a fucking paper bag. Jesus Christ..


kdiddy said...

Agreed. He first showed up on my radar a few years ago with a not-so-great reworking of the disco mistake "A Fifth of Beethoven." Bad idea all around. But NOW? holy shit. he's great. I'll even forgive the Lil Wayne collaboration since I know he's just trying to carve a niche for himself somehow.

Anonymous said...

I love Robin Thike. He makes me want to be in love, or at least rub my tits on some semi-deserving guy. Shooter (sans Lil' Wayne) always finds me in Louboutain's with my back arched like a cat in heat. Seriously, the man is the reason blue-eyed soul was invented.

Nadia said...

Ok, I just now saw this blog entry. I just saw him live, and I had thought a few of his songs were cool before, but I gotta admit I was impressed. The guy can really sing. And I know how you feel about Lil Wayne, but the way Robin sings in that Shooter song ... I LOOOOOVE it.