Wednesday, October 19, 2005

100 Things about me(Well, the first 25...)

I have always been one to walk away from trends, or certain fads as they infiltrate the public consciousness. I think this is the main reason I don't care for Dance-hall, I was never the biggest Wu-Tang fan, and it took me 20 years to finally acknowledge that the "Beastie Boys" are a dope group.(I wish Masturbation was a fad, because it would be easier for me to stop) I just walked to the beat of my own percussionist I guess. So, over the months when people would "tag" me to do one of these lists, I always resisted, not because I thought it was beneath me or anything, but simply because I didn't want to do what everyone else was doing. But a good friend insisted that I do one so I figured "Fuck it", I might as well. Here is the first 25, I hope I finish the rest on a timely fashion.

1. Born in Honolulu Hawaii

2. ..on August 31st, 1973

3. I'm the Youngest of three children

4. When I was a baby I fell down a flight of cement stairs, explaining me being nuttier than squirrel shit.

5. My parents thought I would grow up to be a criminal, based on the fact that my first fight involved me hitting a older kid with a brick

6. I'm 32, my sister is 42 and my brother is 43

7. I went to various private schools until I was in Junior High

8. ..and I was glad about that because public school girls were freakier than porn stars on ecstasy. They put out, like unwanted garbage on trash day.(No offense to all those wholesome public school ladies out there. *wink*)

9. In High School I played Football, Baseball and Track. Track and Field being my best sport.

10. My longest leap in the long jump was 24 feet 2 inches

11. ..not bad for a fellow under 6 feet tall

12. My favorite color is green

13. When I preface a statement with the words "I'm not trying to be a prick but..", I am usually indeed trying to be a prick!

14. I had in-house sex with a woman who stayed with my family when I was 17. She was 29, so obviously she turned me out

15. I saw her about 10 years later, and it's funny how you find certain things sexy at 17 that you find pathetic at 27

16. Did I ever mention that I masturbate like it's going out of style?

17. I mean, a lot.

18. Seriously, to the point that I openly considered having a tattoo of a handle on my penis because I touch it constantly.

19. I also provide too much information about myself.

20. My favorite Singer is Stevie Wonder.

21. My favorite rapper is Rakim.

22. Since I was the age of 16 I have thought that I can whip anyones ass

23. ..and the only reason I know I can't is because I am a mathematics aficionado and know that it is a statistic impossibility.

24. I have had handcuffs placed on my wrists about 25 times

25. ..and three of those were sexual situations


Oliviasmommi said...

Maybe if I could get tagged then I would actually have some motivation to write a second post...LOL

Brotha Buck said...

Critic, better be careful man. When I made a less than complementary comment about public schools, I got cyber whipped.

Icey said...

Always thought private school chicks would be easy, akin to the sexual adventures of preacher's kids? lol

glory said...

dropped on your head, huh?

Amadeo said...

As a public school graduate...I can't argue with you.

Dawud said...

wow i too was born Aug 31 but i was 69...the r is my fav as well, Stevie in no three for me i put Marvin at #1... it took me a while to give the Beaties their respect as well, now i fucking lecture cats on their validity...i have only had the cuffs on me like 10 times but it appears we exist on a bit of parallel universe...

Nia said...

Private school chicks put out too...just to other chicks though.

Theresa said...

^--one of the wholesome public school chicks, although I started off in Catholic....Enjoyed the list! glad you shared it.

mai said...

i went to private school until high school. yeah, we do 'mature' in public school, though, don't we - or something like it., yeah, i was wondering where i left those cuffs. you can return them anytime, with interest.


Coffey0072 said...

someone who, admittedly, masturbates more than I do.
I'm still in denial about it.

Brother OMi said...

you do say "i am not trying to be a prick..." i just noticed that.. lol

dope again big homie

oh yeah, TMI

Kevin said...

Shit. How come I never found any of those public school girls that put out?

Oh well.

Thanks for making one of those top 100 lists actually very readable. And laughable. And I think you can spend the next 25 explaining how a man like you who beats off as much as he does hasn't lost all feeling in his dick entirely.

lady in satin said...

Interesting. One thing I can say about myself is that I've never been into masturbation. I never had the desire to do that, never did that before, and I probably won't ever do that in my lifetime. And people think I'm weird!!!

I guess that means I'll never into women!! LOL (which is a good thing)

Chubby Chocolate said...

We have similarities-Stevie,private school,masturbation, ability to share too much personal information;-)

smallislandgirl said...

HC you what they say about those who masturbate too much? premature blindness do you wear glasses by chance? ;O)

mrblackromantic said...

"Fuck off the chain... off the hinges"

As always - bringing a cruel honesty to the world we know full of lies.

I am Jack said...
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princessdominique said...

Interesting list. Hopefully the rest are coming soon.

Love said...

yea, i am a public school product. I am a good girl with a cuss-easy mouth when I having fun. so you like green?

CaffeineDiva said...

ohmigod! Beautiful Fuck Face, just beautiful.

dredhead said...

Yous a freaky something.

solitaire said...

Man, you are waaaay too much! :o)

shuna fish lydon said...

It's great that you can bare it all here. It always pleases me when I hear mention of handcuffs and private school all in the same post.

Girl With An Alibi said...

Oh I can not WAIT for the next 25! Too funny.

Jdid said...


Rose said...

Mastrubating too much and handcupped 25 times three for sexual are joking right?