Friday, November 11, 2005

100 Things About Me(76-100)

I have taken forever completing this list, so like Jah Rule's career, I'm sure glad this is over. Here is 76-100.

76. I don't have any children
77. even though I want some, but who will be brave enough to accept my "demon seed"?
78. But when if I do procreate, I will make sure that my kid will kick your kids ass.
79. If you have a problem with that, motherfucker I'm not that hard to find.
80. I have a issue with letting things go, but I'm getting better with it.
81. But I did have an issue with some bloggers upset at me commenting on people's blog, claiming that I was trying to garner votes for the blog awards.
82.Which was fine, but based on the fact that in an act of satire I said that I would run a "shameless campaign" and that I would "comment vague shit just for people to check out my site" kind of makes their disgust somewhat misguided and retarded.
83. I even saw a post where bloggers openly discussed this to the point that I still roll my eyes and get headaches from it, primarily because the people still had to like what they saw in order to vote in the first place.
84. Even this one blogger that I refuse to name came to my blog, first anonymously, then under her real name to talk shit. She doesn't want any parts of me, and I don't want to publicize a blog about genital warts and giving "mouth hugs" to supply her heroin habit, so I won't call her out. Fucking Peasant.
85.I guess I still have a problem with "Letting shit go" huh?
86. I went to High School with this guy.
87. Being that he is an actor, and has the ability to get more ass than a toilet seat, I should hate on him like the bitter bastard that I am.
88. But he was a nice guy, who was also on my track team.
89. So nice in fact, that he dropped out of a race in order for me to get enough points to letter.
90. I talked to Jude Law in a club once.
91. We talked about Hip Hop and he bought me a shitload of drinks
92. I even openly wondered if he was hitting on me at one point.
93. Which would be wrong because I LOVE CHICKS and I am ALL MAN BABY!!!
94. But he wasn't, and I was glad for two reasons. One because after 20 years of chasing women in some sort of fashion, the verdict is finally in, I'm straight. But also because I wouldn't know who I could brag to about it exactly.
95. Aurthur Ashe is one of my personal hero's.
96. I want to brutally humiliate, any black person who utters the phrase "You talk white" like it is some sort of put down. Funny thing is, these same people couldn't give you one black history fact if a man with a itchy trigger finger suffering from turrets was holding a gun to their head. Motherfuckers.
97. I feel that Hip Hop will never die.
98. even though it is on life support.
99. I'm down with oral, only if you are down with reciprocity
100. I'm glad that my black ass is done with this fucking list


glory said...

HC... honey... even though I've never met you or heard you speak, I just have to say that you talk white.

And Sojourner Truth was a slave in the predominantly Dutch area of New York, so her first language was Dutch. She grew to become a stirring abolitionist and is still known today for her "Ain't I a Woman" speech.


Inside Man said...

My wife likes Jason Winston George (she watches Eve), please tell me you smacked him around at least once, or stole his girl or something.

kozmic_cocoa said...

Hey Dude! I totally fucking-A love you! I've been told I "talk white", too.

I love this list, by the way. I'll be sad when you get to 100.

kozmic_cocoa said...

Awww Dayum! It IS over! NOOOOOO!

Oliviasmommi said...

Well, I do not want to be like some of your blogger fans that I have seen leave comments that are meant to let everyone else know that they know you outside of "Blogdom".......but, I must say that in all of the times that we have talked I have never thought that you sound white...but maybe I am not a good judge of that since I am white...LOL

David said...

HC, you reminded me of an old injustice that really pissed me off in High School. I ran track for two years. There was no one on that team that worked harder than I did in practice and there was no one that was more improved than I was with respect to my times in races. However, the only people on the team that got a letter were the ones that won races. I never won anything, but I sure ass hell left a lot of people choking on my dust behind me when I was racing! I always thought that lettering should be based on participation, hard work, and team spirit. Maybe it is some places, but not at my school. It still bugs me!

chrisbilal said...

I know, I hate the talk white shit, but I kick some ass with words when they say that.

Im sorry, but I think Jason George is so lame and overrated. Dont interpret as me whoring myself for readers. But I did have this site called Critick and now I'm back at Young Liberals. And this is not really a plug because I have some music downloads on my site you might be interested in.

Enchantress said...

I get the "white talk" comments too. Or, even more so, "I thought you were a bill collector." Ha!

Anyway, I know the list took a while, but it was well worth it. Something tells me you could have easily gone past the 100 mark.

jameil1922 said...


mai said...

good list.
i don't think any list of mine would be anywhere near that good.

yeah, um, actor or not, he could get it. maybe. after a couple dates.

i don't think you talk 'white'. i don't think anyone does, really.

chele said...

When my ex-husband's family spoke to me on the phone for the first time they asked him, "You datin' a white chick?" All I did was say, "Hello, how are you doing."

BTW - I'm always looking for something interesting to read, so when you commented on my blog I didn't see it as some kind of campaign. Seriously, who cares if it was?

Great list.

Running2Ks said...

I still love your list. And I believe you about 93!