Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Henry Rollins' Letter to Ken Lay - Enron (Bigger douche than Vick)

When it comes to the coverage of Michael Vick over the past few weeks it reminds me of the Ice Cube song "True to the game" off of his "Death Certificate" album - in it he addresses rappers intentionally go commercial, saying that MTV will "have a new nigga next year". I thought about that song while I watched all the news coverage of the falcons quarterback who grew up not too far from my hometown, don't get it twisted though - I firmly believe that Michal Vick should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. That being said, the coverage was a bit much - as much as ESPN and other outlets want to bombard us with dogfighting charges, the kind of uncaged animal that Ron Artest is, informing the masses that a females asshole isn't safe as long as Kobe Bryant is in your town - at the end of the day I think that there are more pressing issues that need our undivided attention. Sure, killing dogs is fucked up and I'd openly laugh at the irony of Michael Vick getting butt-fucked in jail by a guy named Butch who happens to wear a dog-collar - but there's a war going on, the murder rates in some of our nations biggest cities are skyrocketing, The Jena Six, excuse me if I don't immediately make a sign and picket alongside Peta. Don't get me wrong, I completely understand the NFL suspending Vick for dogfighting - but just think about all the murderers and wife-beaters that they didn't suspend, this is going to anger some of you dog lovers but I'd say that a spouse being abused is at least worth 100 dead dogs.(Just imagine how many dogs a dead person is worth?) But seriously, Michael Vick is a douchebag who will get his proper punishment - but there are bigger douchebags than Vick and items that are definitely more news-worthy. Ken Lay, is one of those douche-bags. Oh Yeah, "Stay Dead Motherfucker!"

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bfnh. said...

"but I'd say that a spouse being abused is at least worth 100 dead dogs."

that's like the new math.

as ironic as vick gettin' plugged by a guy in a dog collar, the fact that this all started because Troy the german shepherd smelled weed on his cousin makes reality stranger than fiction.