Wednesday, August 01, 2007

MTV's Hip Hop lists are more damaging than "Hot Ghetto Mess"

A little less than 6 years ago, September 2001 to be precise - I found myself sitting inside my car that I had just parked in the middle of a deserted field near my house, so dark that without my headlights on I could barely see a couple of feet in front of my vehicle. The Jose Cuervo was in my bloodstream so strong that if a chick happened to lift up my gut and blow me she'd probably fail a breathalyzer test, and thoughts of a recent break up, my father's death a few months before, and my mother's newly diagnosed cancer infiltrated my every thought as I nervously clutched a loaded 9 mm handgun in my right palm. As Nina Simone played ever so beautifully in the background, serving as the soundtrack to my suicide, I cocked the same handgun that cops use and openly wondered how my newly splattered brain particles would look against my driver side window that I had cleaned only a day before. Tears flowing down my face as the gun that I was holding felt as if it weighed a million pounds while I positioned it towards my temple, I started to fully except the fact that what I was about to do was indeed a hell-worthy trespass - and quickly prayed to god to forgive me for my sins, adding a thoughtful post-script to the big guy upstairs asking that a young child wouldn't be the one to find my lifeless body in the morning. In my absurd search to say something fitting before taking a rather extended dirt-nap, "Goodbye Cruel, Cruel world!!" was actually my personal favorite - I for some reason remembered, despite the train-wreck that was my life, that I had just been on the business end of a pretty decent day. I mean, a fine woman that I didn't know stuffed her number in my pants pocket at the liquor store hours before, my mother grabbed me like we were in a football huddle and guaranteed me that she's beat her cancer like she was Joe Montana talking to his team in the 4th Quarter - not to mention that they had just played my favorite episode of "What's Happening?" right before I left the house.(You know, the one where Re-Run takes a tape recorder to The Doobie Brothers Concert) That's when I slowly realized that I was taking the cowards way out, I'd have to nut up and own the fact that my father died in the midst of our strained relationship, my mother's prognosis was good - and now six years later I'm glad to confirm that the chick who had ripped my beating heart out of my chest really wasn't worth taking my life.(no one is really)

Even though the plethora of women in the Virginia Beach area who I've prematurely ejaculated on will absolutely loathe this great 70's era television show after I say this - but if it wasn't for the show "What's Happening?" I probably wouldn't be here today. Shit, I would have missed Bush's disastrous presidency, Nas and Jay-Z's reconciliation, my Bears reaching the SuperBowl - not to mention Kevin Smith making a sequel to one of my favorite movies of all time.("Clerks") I guess this extremely lengthy segue was brought on by the fact that if MTV's "10 Hottest MC's in the Game" special had been the show that aired before I found myself parked in that deserted field - I would have not only pulled that trigger, but I would have slit my wrists while driving into a nearby lake before catching the final bullet to the brain. I know it sounds kind of harsh, especially since I'm already fully aware of the kind of oceanic bottom feeders the "brain trust" over at MTV are based on that last bowel movement of a list that they compiled - but the utter stupidity is so rampant that you keep wondering if you are the butt of some elaborate practical joke.

Forget the fact that them calling themselves a "Brain Trust" is as giggle-worthy as Fox News claiming that they are "Fair and Balanced" - but the criteria in which an artist was to be considered is completely contradictory to what they finally decided to title this chronological botched abortion. The title of their vomit inducing list is the "10 Hottest MC's in the Game", "MC's", last time I checked google hits, how many mixtapes you've been on, the cover of "Teen People" that you've graced, or what particular fashion trends you've happened to start doesn't have a god-damned thing to do with being an MC. Now if they decided to replace the "MC" and insert "Rapper" then I'd have no issue with that list - primarily because then the bar is set lower than midget limbo contests, any garden variety asshole who can string two somewhat coherent sentences together and make them rhyme can "rap". Besides, who gives a fuck about a momentary fashion trend - 15 years later people are still talking about A Tribe Called Quests "Low End Theory" and not giving a watery sack of crap about Kriss Kross wearing their jeans backwards. The list is completely irrelevant because over the last 30 years the Hip Hop landscape is littered with men who might have owned a moment in time in the publics consciousness, but ended up being nothing more than a footnote in Hip Hop History. Yes, this list, even if titled correctly - is as fraudulent as the people who compiled it and the network that they all work for.

Even though I want to say that most of these panelists got their jobs in a raffle, or the bottom of a cereal box, or due to some very indiscreet post interview hand-job - but I've come to the conclusion that their public display for bad taste is actually a pretty smart business move on their part. Talking bad about Lil Wayne or Young Jeezy isn't going to exactly help their careers, especially if you find yourself constantly interviewing them backstage at their respective "Shuck and Jive" tours - so they can find solace in singing a sub-par rapper's praises as they think about how its paying for their health insurance. Saying that Jim Jones has the verbal capacity of a retarded stroke victim might ruin your career over at MTV, so they proceed to talk about his swagger(as if that's even important when you don't have the lyrics to back it up) and just ease their minds with the thought of all the free shows of legitimate rappers they are able to attend. Maybe I'm the wrong one to be saying this, a blogger who will most likely never get the opportunity to grace the pages of the actual magazine, but I quote a great MC who said "I'd rather be broke and have a whole lot of respect!"(O.C)

Here are some of the low-lights that you'll see in the video:

Tuma Basa: Manager MTV Programming: Barney Fife Hip Hop moment: Passionately made a case for Jim Jones to be on the list because of an "energy" that he brings. Bowel movements take energy as well.. Why are accents only irritating when they come from Hip Hop know-nothings and black conservatives?(see Roy Innis)

Joseph Patel: Producer, MTV News: Barney Fife Hip Hop moment: He says "Jeezy destroys all the conventions of what traditional lyricism is", no shit sherlock - he's wack...

Rahman Dukes: Senior Producer Barney Fife Hip Hop moment: Overall he seems like a voice of reason here, but him saying "The Real Hip Hop dudes is not bloggers!" is just so 2001. If there's one place that Hip Hop heads aren't at, its the MTV studios..

Sean Lee: Supervising producer, MTV News: Barney Fife Hip Hop moment: Claimed that Tupac was the best rapper of all time. *Exhaustive Sigh*

Shaheem Reid: Hip Hop editor, MTV News: Barney Fife Hip Hop moment: Actually quoted Young Jeezy with child-like enthusiasm. Enough said.

Andrea Duncan-Mao: Senior Producer, Barney Fife Hip Hop moments: 1. Commended Young Jeezy on his perfectly constructed songs, that's something a soccer mom would say.. 2. Argued for Kanye West based on the fact that she could tell that he really loved Hip Hop, despite the fact that she previously co-signed three ass-hats who don't.

Bridget Bland: MTV Radio Network: Barney Fife Hip Hop moments: When Common's consistency was addressed, she said "That's not every time though, thats "Be" and this new upcoming album!" - proving that her Hip Hop knowledge doesn't go back any further than 2005. Way to pick em' MTV!!

Sway: Barney Fife Hip Hop moment: Allowing himself to be talked into being a part of such a clusterfuck of nonsensical dialog.


S.K. said...

I would like to take a moment to applaude the way you went from Suicide to the MTV 10 List.


That shit was garbage. I actullay did a post against it my self. The top 5 are pretty accurate for the last two years are far as record sales and popularity. But any list that includes Jim "I Gave Cam'ron" Head Jones as a "MC" lose ALL past, present or future creditability with me.

Belvedere said...


I have been reading your post for a minute, I have to ask you to do us ALL a real favor.. Go to your cable box, access the menu, find the channel for MTV AND BLOCK DAT SH!T LIKE MUTOMBO. Seriously .. go ahead we will wait.

Any discussion about MC's that includes the phrase, statement or mere utterance "Is swagger more important than lyricism " that is not IMMEDIATELY followed but a hearty Hells No! can never be a legitimate conversation. Not Never. Not even on Feb. 31, 20-EVA.

BTW, Ludacris not making the list and Jim Jones getting a strong argument to make it (not even talking about the fact they sounded like he might jump higher at 1st) is akin to raping a baby seal with a whale penis while holding a lion's genital sack in the middle of the White House lawn.

neo said...

I LOL'ed hard when they said those dudes were emcees...

I said




I tell you HC, no respect man, no friggin' respect...

there used to be a time that you had to earn the right to be called an emcee after you emceeed!!!

but hey this is viacom man, should we be surprised?

Jumbie said...

Well, MC does have a different meaning, more apt, in the Caribbean.

What the heck is MTV?

The Bear Maiden said...

Damn. Suicide is some serious shit... but most people are SO not worth killing yourself over, and time has a funny way of easing pain, if you let it. At least that's what I told myself. Glad you're still here. I think you're funny.

As for MTV. They suck. I worked there, coupla years, back when it was the place to be. In the Ad Sales area... so I can tell you it's all about the dollar and not much else. And they have a bunch of posers and wannabe's working there who have done *anything* possible to get the job, and usually got paid shit for it since *everybody* wanted to work there. (The only people getting paid the buku bucks were in Ad Sales. And they got paid.)

But boy did they throw some fantastical drunken parties. My years there are colored in a rosy tequila haze...

And there was a time when they wouldn't even PUT hiphop on the air! F*ckers.

Thembi said...

More dirt shoveled on hip-hop's grave. I know I'm dating myself but Kurt Loder once pronounced 'Jodeci' as 'Jo-DESS-ee' and I was done after that.

Jdid said...

i've given up on any tv show which lists best, greatest or hottest when it comes to hip hop. they just need to call it what it is 'most popular' and get it over with.

Say Yeah said...

Wait, wait, wait. Did you just get censored? I just did a refresh and your vibe quote disappeared?

BTW I just sent a link to a Keith Murray Freestyle from from his recent appearance on rap city to the guys I work with. One of the twenty-somethings I work with asked, "Did you send that out because you thought it was good? I know rap and that wasn't that good. " He's white btw, does that make it any worse or better? Anyway, it was done over the "I shot ya" beat, and I asked him did he even know where that beat was from? He didn't I told him 'Period, end of story.'

Bk_red said...

of course i think you're funny and self-effacing, but i really like when you're honest and serious for a minute. it's nice to show your vulnerable side every now & again. and i FEEL you on that episode of what's happening with the doobies. i remember it so clearly. i loved that damn show. dee was my girl!

E.Knight said...

I like some of the new stuff but basically mtv bombards us with crap, very very true, swagger? Did Rakim have swagger or did he just decimate the microphone, and for all of Krs's swagger when he fell off it was cuz he slumped lyrically so now as a hiphop fan from the late 80 to mid 90's golden era i gotta say hip-hop is wack now

Hustle Simmons said...

anytime jim jones is top 10 on a list and it isn't about wack rappers, something is wrong.

Dan Love said...

My broke arse can't even afford MTV, so I thankfully don't have to be exposed to this nonsense. Even commercial American hip hop artists really don't get a huge amount of exposure in the UK anymore: thank fuck.

Nice piece man, had me smiling.



Odhis said...

loved the post man.....but would i please request that you do a list in your opinion of the top ten greatest mc's and get selfra (hiphop yoda) to do one too...i value you dudes' opinions


Kriss said...

"When Common's consistency was addressed, she said "That's not every time though, thats "Be" and this new upcoming album!" - proving that her Hip Hop knowledge doesn't go back any further than 2005. Way to pick em' MTV!!"

I'm so glad I heard this and wasn't the only person to think the same damn thing...

Nye said...

Saw this dude in a bar...and I felt the unflinching urge to slap da shit outta him. I asked my "Male Friend Of The Moment Who Pays The Tab" who was this man, and why did I feel such an overwhelming Ike-urge. My MFOTMWPTT looked at the guy and said, "Oh..that's dude from MTV."

Then I reconized the loc-filled mushroom wrap thingie. That's right. It's SWAY.

My "Le Femme Nikita" kicked in and I thought, if I could just show him enough leg...maybe I could lure him to the restroom with the promise of an annoymous beat-nut... and then pull out my toast with the silencer and end it all.

Alas. I'm no spy. I had no gun, however THAT FUCKING LIST STILL EXISTED. So I left...defeated. But gave him one hell of an eye roll. He knew why. Oh yes. He know.

BTW..."Brain" means "Blowjob" around these parts. Quite fitting when you think about it.

natural muze said...

suicide? that's serious. glad you stayed here to continue the throat-chopping. lol.

now, about this list. my brother and i were watching and he's only 19, and even HE knew it was wack! but this list has been wack for the last couple of years.

derek said...

This list is bad, man.

Sway is the only person I have even HEARD of before. I have no confidence in the hip-hop knowledge of any of these folks.

One example: Jeezy does everything wrong but he does it so convincingly, people buy in.

Replace Jeezy with Bush and that's our country right now. So, needless to say, it's a sad testament...