Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Bill Maher: Think Tanks

Now that the country seems to be in proverbial shambles, and Bush's approval numbers are lower than Nixon's post Watergate, there are so many people I want to get reconnected with. Like that yuppie chick I was arguing with at a bar a few years ago, claiming that she would call fried potatoes "Freedom Fries" from now on. Where is that dirty harlot right about now? I wish I could have a chat with all those people who told me that they were voting for Bush in 04' because he was a "strong leader". I'd be curious to see what their current opinion is of our 43rd president's leadership skills. Or how about all those Black Christians that I know who voted for George W. Bush solely on the abortion issue?? I'd like to see if they are kicking themselves based on being an inbred single issue voter. The following clip of Bill Maher just shows you how many catch phrases have fallen flat, and all the predictions that never materialized.


Belve said...

2 things on that clip.. 1. Tiddie Bars (Gentlemen's Clubs.. thank you very much) have food??? I have really got to get out more.

2. Considering how badly his joke before that rant bombed I have missed the joke on this because I was fumbling for the remote.


Reggie said...

Amen Brother!! Good Post.