Wednesday, April 20, 2005

The "Shut Your Ass Up!" Item of the Day

Mark Wahlberg has came out publicly against Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, and Eminem for apparently fronting about having rough upbringings. He slams Damon for romanticizing a tough upbringing in the film "Good Will Hunting" by saying "If I make a film about my upbringing it's going to be about more than a f**king kid doing math, like in Good Will Hunting, you know what I mean?" He continued on Eminem: "My childhood wasn't like some 8 Mile bulls**t where you go and have a rap-off. Or like West Side Story, where you all start dancing and s**t." I guess these sentiments come from his feeling that he had a rough childhood, and the assault conviction that he got 17 years ago is to blame for said childhood.

HumanityCritic Rant:

First off Mark, let me be the first to say Shut your stupid ass up! Listen, I don't have any beef with you Mr. Wahlberg but I would like to address the following points. First off, you might have a point concerning Eminem and 8 mile. But I can't buy your ideology or your rant simply because when you were on TRL with Eminem a few years ago and he mockingly said in front of you, "We are all just one big Funky Bunch", your silly ass just stood there looking stupid. You didn't do a fucking thing tough guy, so save the bullshit posturing for someone else.

On to Ben and Matt: At no point did Ben Affleck or Matt Damon say that "Good Will Hunting" was autobiographical you silly bastard. It was a work of fiction, or did those tight ass Calvin Klein drawls that your punk ass use to pathetically peddle stop a sufficient amount of blood flow to the brain, limiting your ability to have a coherent thought. I also find it hard to believe that anyone who used to go by the name of "Marky Mark", have a crew called the "Funky Bunch", and tortured our ears with the song "Good Vibrations" would have the guts to talk shit whatsoever. Listen, this is only a rant and I might feel differently about you tomorrow. But remember what they say about people in glass houses Mark "Come on, come on. Feel it, Feel it!" Wahlberg.


Brother OMi said...

whats funny is that actually Matt Damon and Ben Affleck grew up in Jersey with Kevin Smith.. the movie Mall Rats and Clerks was more like the lives that they lived. and they can tell you that.

Anonymous said...

Right on... Wahlberg chose his path of fame, and if he's ashamed of being a pop singer in the early '90s, that's his problem. No one gives a crap about how he grew up, and he has no room to talk about anyone elses' upbringings.

Anonymous said...

Actually, iselfra, Damon and Affleck grew up in Boston, not Jersey. And they did not grow up with Kevin Smith, who's from Red Bank, NJ.

a. said...

Some "artists" would be better off if they just didn't say anything.

Lene said...

Word. Shut his ass up indeed...

Dayrell said...

WHAT???? Mark said that ish?!!! LOOOOL! *smh* You're right indeed, he needs to shut his ass up and go sit down somewhere! Lmaoooooo!!!

The Humanity Critic said...


I hear you, and respect your opinion, I just disagree. But then again this is america right? I find Mark's complaint of the "depiction of rough childhoods" somewhat comical because everyone has different experiences. 8 mile wasn't that realistic, but the main theme of that movie was eminem trying to use music to get out his dismal situation, that is the life of most rappers out there. Plus, people do rap against people that they are mad it.

The Good Will hunting point you had might of worked if the movie was saying that you only had to be a genius to get out of a bad situation. It clearly showed that Damon's character, along with his friends, never took advantage of education and thus living the existence that they were living.

As for Damon giving Wahlberg shit, if that's the case he didn't announce it in a publication so it would be a daily news piece like Wahlberg did.

"So Damon is just as much, if not, more of a bitch than anyone else."

Lets compare notes Matt Damon-Oscar winner, respected actor..

Mark Wahlberg: Not really respected, once went by the name of "Marky-Mark", used to peddled "underwear", and gets uptight when you mention his musical past. No offense, but that has bitch written all over it.

HC Fan said...

Classic HC: "I don't fully agree with the 'whatsoever' part...again lol, they did mention shit like "Why don't you all go back to the other side of 8 mile." etc...which showed a scent of gangsta 'mentality' "

It's not a gangsta flick "whatsoever" because the other side of 8 mile just signifies a bad neighborhood, not a gang or any type of gang lifestyle.

"since it was somewhat turf related, and since there was a gun involved later on, that was a gang dispute."

That's a stretch, just because the neighborhoods are separated doesn't imply that they are gang related on bit.

"So yeah, the film did show a teeny bit of the gangsta life. Even though the films purpose was for the underground hip hop scene,'s Detroit, Detroit is run by gangstas, and they should of depicted that better."

The movie didn't show an ounce of gangsta life, just some people from economically deprived areas trying to make a better life for themselves. There was never any gang talk, gang signs, colors, or any of that. Plus, to simply imply that they were a gang based on different neighborhoods would be completely off base.

"Problem with that is that it wasn't a documentary. Whenever you fictionalize something a person can;t complain about what lengths they fictionalize it."

"Yeah, but a biopic is a biography to some extent, so you know at least a certain percentage of that film depicted his life somewhat. And since it was like his music "trailer park, crazy mum, little girl etc...""

But as long as you are going places fictitiously, you can do whatever you want with that piece of work. But then again, the movie was like his life. He was never in a gang, he came from the trailer park, he aspired to be a famous rapper.

"it didn't do the film justice since all the other components were missing, or weren't detailed enough to pass off as reality in Detroit. Too clean for me."

But that can easily be someones life, why does it have to show the grittier parts of life just to satisfy anyone? This discussion sounds very familiar. Anyway, some one can live in the biggest slum in the world where violence runs rampant, but if they aren't involved in that lifestyle then why show it?

"Does it matter? If you started 'Lollipop Life 4 eva' that doesn't mean no one else can copy the same method, message or style."

Thug-life, Lolipop life, whatever you kids call it nowadays..both of then were not adopted by Eminem, not in the slightest.

"They were in the 'beginning' stage of being gangstas, same with the 'Free World'.."

No they weren't, they were just a group of guys who had beef with another group of guys. No gangs, whatsoever.

"hink about it, guns were involved, hatred/disliking for another gang because of territory reasons etc..."

Just because someone has a gun then they are in a gang? Plus, they never disputed over "turf" that is your incorrect memory of the movie.

"Eminem has a criminal past involving some 'clown' gang shit, so I honestly think Eminem is associated with gangsta rap in some way."

I had a few unpaid parking tickets, does that mean that if I start rapping then I can be a "gangsta rapper"? Not fucking likely. Plus, I said that the person in question would have to talk about the things that I listed, along with some sort of criminal history involving violence. Nope, he isn't a gangsta rapper.

"Of course, hence why I gave examples: drivebyes, killings etc...That's like saying Will Smith is a gangsta rapper because he said 'ass.'"

But those weer your generalizations, not mine.

"Hmm...I dunno, even though Marky Mark was annoying, Vanilla Ice just would have to stand there for me to smack him across the head with something blunt. As least Mark had to walk and talk before I'd feel annoyed :D"

Both of then were Grade A horseshit to me, why compare two turds?

"Well, it would be annoying to watch, since Mark grew up in the same place, but this kid has all these prospects come to him because of his genius, and Mark had to struggle to make it"

Then Marks bitch ass should watch another movie and stop obsessing over won that won a few Oscars. Who cares if he didn't agree with the portrayals, that's his problem. Then he can make a movie that he can be proud of and keep his yap shut.

"But here is this kid literally offered big-time jobs, which he turned down, now coming from that same neighborhood with some similarities, that would of pissed Mark off a bit. "

So?? Not everyone is the same, and even he should know that. If it pissed him off then he should find something better to do with his time.

"Mark remembers Boston-life as being chased with knives etc... where as this movie shows a genius getting all these offers, but won't take them. "

Again, so fucking what? If you have to obsess over what a fictional character does then he has fucking issues. But seriously dude, not for nothing, but this conversation ends here because I had the exact same one a few months ago. Either you are the same person just starting shit, or you are a person too involved in fictitious characters who happen to live in Boston. You can reply, but they will be erased, unread.

HC Fan said...

More Classic HC: "I don't agree with the 'whatsoever' part, since there was an inkling of a war between '313' and 'Free World.' The concept of a gang war (hmm...maybe a gang dispute) was brought in the film, which unleashed a scent of the gangsta life."

Naw, it wasn't a gangsta film whatsoever. There weer no "colors", fighting over "gang turf", they were just tow groups of friends who didn't like each other. Shit, me and my friends wanted to fight some assholes that we knew but that didn't make us a gang.

"True, but 'documentary' still makes a stand."

Problem with that is that it wasn't a documentary. Whenever you fictionalize something a person can;t complain about what lengths they fictionalize it.

"The fact that he introduces the 'thug life'in his music which gave me the impression that it would of been a tad more detailed in this movie. And Detroit is controlled by gangstas, and all the things associated with that life/image wasn't documented enough to pass it off as realistic, to me anyway."

"Thug life" was introduced by Tupac, not Eminem. Also, if you aren't involved in any gangster activity then why capture it if it isn't a part of your daily life. They weren't gangsters, so why would the director go through the trouble of trying to capture a lifestyle they weren't living?

"I always thought of Gangsta Rap as the shock version of hip hop, introducing controversial/disturbing themes usually about drugs, gang banging, shootings, drive byes and wild parties in a vulgar manner for an 'in-your-face' purpose, and Eminem has executed that rather well."

If that is your broad definition of Gangster rap then you would be surprised that Kid Rock and MC Hammer are including, based on how you put it. I think Gangsta rap is drive-bys, killings, and usually it doesn't hurt if the rapper in question has a criminal past involving some gang shit. Some people, not saying you, think that "Gangsta Rap" is any form of rap where black guys are cursing. That's real fucking broad.

"Vanilla Ice is the wackest I would say, and he considered himself a rapper"

mark is battling him for that title to be totally honest. Shit., at least I actually know people who purchased a Vanilla Ice

"Wahlberg, who obviously climbed the ladder to get where he is now, surely would of wished for those prospects to come his way when he was selling drugs and getting shot at, but he wasn't a genius like Matt Damon's character, which needless to say..could of pissed him off a bit."

No disrespect, but so what? I mean, everyon'e reality is different so why would he care how a fictitious person was being portrayed. Next I'm wondering if her will be amazed to find out that the Easter Bunny isn't real. That's if he doesn't already know that.

HC Fan said...

HC once again: "since 8 Mile was grossly over-hyped, and didn't show a realistic depiction of what the gangster life, and the underground hip-hop scene is like in Detroit."

The problem with that is that 8 mile was not Scarface" or "Carlito's Way". It wasn't supposed to show a gangsta lifestyle whatsoever. Just a guy who has a shitty job, who makes a name for himspefl in Hip Hop. The lead character gets "booed" and pretty much gets his ass whipped. No gangsterism there.

"Since the film was a biopic *biopic meaning that it was a film documentary with some fictional elements* it should of been more gritty like it was described in his music."

The fact that "fictional" is put in that sentence blurrs that line somewhat. Plus, lets look at his music. Poor white trash who makes a name for himspefl, how close to reality do you want. Plus, despite the crazy shit that he says in his rhymes, Eminem is by far NOT a gangsta rapper. That, unfortunately, brings me back to wahlberg and his silly comments.

"Eminem on the other hand isn't improving his craft, since his latest release 'Encore' was pathetic."

Can't disagree there.

"Basically the point of this post is that even though someone has had a bad past, or has done bad/stupid things, it doesn't mean they need to 'shut their stupid ass up' since a person should not be ignored simply because he has flawed."

Actually this post was more of a "stop bitching, since your silly ass was the wackest rapper ever and used to be on TV with his drawls" kind of rant. He has turned out to be a good actor, and I'm a fan, but when he criticizes "Good Will Hunting" because it isn't "gritty enough" I definitely suggest that that planet of the apes motherfucker needs a hobby. Knitting is a nice hobby, I

I am Jack said...

Jesus, let this one go jackass. The biggest problem is that HumanityCritic has never been a household name, so there isn't a lengthy public record to compare it with. So, sorry, HumanityCritic will ever "shut up" you ugly bastard.

The Humanity Critic said...

Man, motherfuck Mark Wahlberg and any motherfucker who wants to continue to come with extremely horrible arguments.

This is my blog, and I say what I want about whoever I want jackass.

"I made a post regarding your advice to Mark Wahlberg, in your 'Shut your ass up' article, and my post was deleted and I couldn't post in that article again. Can I ask why?"

Because your dumb ass has been obsessed with this post for months now you pasty face, virginal fuck.

"I wasn't spamming/flooding your thread, nor was I picking an argument with you."

Yeah you were, being that I see you constantly troll my blog to see if I deleted your comments. I can erase every single comment of yours, erase what you have to say, and you can't do shit about it. What??

"I was just airing my opinion."

..and I just aired mine numb-nuts..

"I wasn't going to post a comment here because I see it's been talked about quite enough."

Don't try and act like this topic is new to you you inbred sperm receptacle. You can come back under as many different names as you want, but I know it is the same silly bastard because you have the same dumb-ass arguments.

"But since my post has nothing to do with either gangsterism or whatever, I thought I may as well lay my opinion on this."

My post had nothing to do with "gangsterism" either. You have used this term before, albeit in a wrong way, I suggest your ugly ass gets a dictionary.

"According to your logic, saying that Mark Wahlberg should 'shut his ass up' because he 'was the wackest rapper ever and used to be on TV with his draws' etc..would be just like saying you Humanity Critic, should 'shut your ass up' and stop giving out your opinions on the internet because of your past/behavior/mannerisms etc..."

My logic doesn't suggest anything close to that idiotic and troll-like. If I had once peddled underwear, and was once a part of a musical career that I'm now ashamed of, THEN I can see the parallel. So according to my logic, you don't have a fucking leg to stand on.

"but there is a contradiction in this rant that maybe you weren't aware of."

There is no contradiction, matter of fact I just butt-fucked your theory in my last rant. The only thing I'm aware of is that your are a douchebag, who's throat I would gladly cut if you were in front of me.

"That'll be the last time I post this, I just would of thought that you had no problems in answering. Take care."

Fuck you you cock smoking motherfucker..

Anonymous said...

Mark has the right to say what he did because he grew up in boston and knows whether the movies are totally fake or not. If you correct him then u would have to live in boston. He is a great actor and a great guy. yes everyone has a different bring up but u cant change that he was raised one way and probably knows that so let him be. everyone has a break out every now and then and this was his.

The Humanity Critic said...

Hey Jackass, this post is more than 2 years old - I moved on and I suggest that you do the same. Not only that, but you're wrong - playing a role in a movie has shit to do with how you came up..

G said...

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now delete my post you wanker

The Humanity Critic said...

Bitch you suck, I mean, swallow.. fucking sperm This is my blog, I ain't erasing shit fag..

The Humanity Critic said...

@anonymous: He and you aren't shit, both sperm swallowers who like it up the ass at all costs. Oh yeah, how does it feel to be bitchslapped while not having your comment posted? Hee-hee

The Humanity Critic said...

My comments bitch-slapping Dannyboy are still up.. :)

The Humanity Critic said...

The thing is, dannyboy is a cock-sucking bottom dweller - an Australian pussy who is the human embodiment of cowardice. Come to this blog and start shit again, you will regret it - being that I now know who you are you blubbering vagina. Mark Wahlberg sucks, and his gay fans like you swallow - bring it faggot.