Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Random Video. Sade: "King of Sorrow"

Maybe what I'm about to say is the reason why I will never marry, but whoever is kind enough to join me in marital bliss will have to deal with the fact that our wedding vows will be altered. Of course the usual will be in there, to have, hold, blah, blah, blah. But the part that I want added, especially during my wife's vows, is her acceptance of the fact that I will leave her faster than patrons at a Paulie Shore movie if I ever have the chance to be with Sade. I have had a crush on her for years now, one that stance won't soften based on a little thing like marriage.

Even though I envision wining and dining her at fancy eatery's, sexy pillow-talk like "Do you mind if I fuck you to one of your records?", and freestyle rhyming with her band as she looks in awe of my manly presence, I actually think the truth would be more sobering. If she did ever give this chubby pre-ejaculator a chance, I could see me getting the respect of a substitute cabana boy, running errands all day for her, looking after her kids, even hand washing her undergarments in a metal tub like I'm "Celie" in "The Color Purple" and shit. That being said, it would sure be worth it.


GG said...

Altered vows, huh?


BLESSD1 said...

Dude...I am SO with you on that one. I told my "friend" the other day that if we were together, there are just a couple of women who she'd have to respect if they asked to partake of my marvelous jimmy-wine: Halle B (even though she's nuttier than a squirrel w/diarrhea), Sanaa Lathan, Sade (don't be selfish; you can't have her all to yourself), Debra Cox, or Free. It was all cool til she rattled off her list. But I aint sweating it; what does Boris Kodjoe have that I don't.....besides the movie-star pretty boy looks, a midsection NOT covered in a sheath of fat, oh...and the moola that he's made from his score of whack movies? LOL! C'est la vie. Excellent post, HC! Excelsior

Anonymous said...

you guys are outta control! lol

Anonymous said...

you guys are outta control! lol funny how things change when it's the other way around, right! punks.lol

Brother OMi said...

the Brother OMi connection:
my father in law went to school with Sade's pops...

TheGod said...

Sade is prime cut. I had done a post about 5 women I would like to cut some time ago.

My choices were:
1. Sade
2. Sanaa Lathan
3. Nona Gaye
4. Nia Long
5. Porn star: Cherry Lee

Your blog is very entertaining. I may not post alot of comments, but I am a regular reader. Good job bruh.

Breez said...

Sade is truly hypnotic.

Fave Nite said...

Don't get it twisted...Sade is hella sexy, but it's her music and voice that do it for me. Now am I saying I'd feel a hypnotic singer if she looked like she'd been bobbing for chicken wings in hot grease? No. But Sade has an appeal waaaay beyond her looks. It's a combination of her body, voice, music and longevity that makes her one of the sexiest.

I wouldn't alter my vows though because that shyt wouldn't fly the other way.*lol*

SAMOAN 64 said...


fran said...

This is one of my favorites from her! Goodnesss I love this woman!! Every song of hers is absolutely beautiful.

shamble said...

Laugh my fucking ass off!!!

I am so with you.... errr no I'm not. I'd have you executed before I'd share her with you.

Dude, you have taste and then some! I'm 30 years old now and have been mind fucked for 16 years over this woman. I am married, but lucky for me my wife looks like her! haha

Pity she can't sing like her though.

Only one other woman that can do it for me. Sade being one of them, Monica Belushi being number two.

I'm not that picky lol.

shamble said...

And a treat for you all:


From the movie absolute beginners