Friday, March 17, 2006

Rodney Mullen(video)

Even though I'm at the advanced age of 32, I still see myself as Michael Jordan when I split geriatric defenders at my local YMCA, I feel like Barry Bonds as I defiantly drop my bat as I watch a ball that I have just crushed sail over the fence during a "Over 30" softball game, and as I'm doing kick-flip Ollie's and terrorizing private property by grinding curbs and rail-sliding handrails, I try to be like this guy. He's one of my favorite skaters.


GG said...

For a woman that knows absolutely nothing of skateboarding except for Tony Hawk, (okay, Critic, you can get on me about that later) this guy is sheer brillance on 4 wheels and a board!!!

TheSaga said...

the guy totally keeps it ol' school with the freestyle trix on a modern day board. come to think of it, there's not a single other professional skater that skates like he does. most pros like to keep moving with their trix while he can stay in his drive way and skate.

didn't he invent the dark slide??

IsLifeLame said...

rodney's created more skateboard tricks then anyone can imagine. Check out any rodney vs. daewon videos and you'll see why this guy is a living legend in skateboarding.

R.I.P. Harold Hunter

papakoolakov said...

Rodney Mullen is by far my favorite street skater. I miss the days when he was back on enjoi. Almost is awesome, but enjoi is to cool to leave, plus the skaters on enjoi are really good. the two best to me are louie barletta and Jerry Hsu.
I got some of their videos up on my site,

Anonymous said...

Rodney Mullen is the best street skater ever bar none. He invented the kickflip for gods sake! I just wish he'd get back into it because he's been taken a little break from the spotlight