Wednesday, April 12, 2006

3 Random Thoughts

I saw DMX on some show on Mtv a couple of days ago and he said that a "Belly 2" was in the works. DMX, I like you and all, but don't! From the baby oil baths Hype Williams made his actors take, the bad directorial camera angle choices, the choppy dialogue, and even though I'm a Nas guy, he's not exactly Robert fucking DeNiro. I'd be willing to see another Police Academy sequel, hey, that black guy who makes all the noises is talented!

A week ago, when letting comments go in the moderation phase of my email, I saw someone who had a problem with the Duke rape post that I did. Disagreement is good, plus I could have poked holes in his assessment anyways. Then I went to his message board and saw, when referring to me and my post, that he said "I so wish I could press a button and force the people who write things like this to appear in front of me to answer for such nonsense." Then went on to preface his response to me there with " My response to his blog, which he may well not publish". Huh? Sure, I'm in the habit of letting comments go from guys who, albeit cowardly behind a computer screen, threatened me. Man, fuck you. But, I know what would happen if I "magically" appeared in front of you, I'd "magically" drag your ass out of your fucking house and... Forget it, I forgot that I'm behind a computer screen as well.

(actual picture of culprit) Hearing the unfortunate news of the passing of D12 member Proof to a gunshot wound to the head a couple of days back, it made me think about my best friend Buddy's passing in a similar fashion and the killer who is still loose. If you see this motherfucker, don't throat chop him or anything(if something bad happened to any of you based on my bullshit I would never forgive myself) but contact the authorities immediately. R.I.P Buddy R.I.P Proof


Ironman said...

DMX!!!!!!!!!!! I saw the first Belly it was ok.

Brother OMi said...

personally, Belly was one long ass video shoot. the stereotypes were just friggin' rampant. I was wondering if Hype was black or not..

DmX is wack anyway. times up.

i feel you on these internet dorks

jameil1922 said...

uhuh. stop the madness. i hated belly. very bored by it and its silly aimless plot. not to mention all the raptors. just go make a cd. or give it up. whichever.

i'm just tired of the ignorance being daily spewed over the duke rape case. OVER IT!!! one girl lost her mind over and over defending her "she deserved it" stance. foolishness. i just can't wait until the court case when the defense reveals its evidence. it is very wise for them not to reveal it prior to the trial. let the prosecution continue its smear campaign. they will have to have a change of venue or venir either way. and who knows which way the jury will swing. indictment expected tomorrow. can't wait.

SP said...

Did you see that 2 of the team members were arrested?