Monday, January 29, 2007

Another thing that Killed Hip Hop: When having talent stopped being a pre-requisute for being a video girl

Let me tell you, I am very unapologetic when it comes to dismissing people's horrible tastes in Hip Hop in their face, telling that particular individual with the arrogance of Kanye West while jacked up on cocaine that I know more than them about the genre, and openly expressing my beliefs that any journalist who have ever said anything positive about the musical stylings of Lil Wayne, Jim Jones, or other artist of their ilk shouldn't be trusted, and on top of that be beaten within an inch of their lives.(Yes, I've embraced my inner asshole years ago) Don't get me wrong though, despite all the shit I talk about the current state of Hip Hop and the declining state that its in, I don't look back at the earlier years of Hip Hop with nostalgic rose colored glasses. I can't say with a straight face that misogyny, violence, or racy language is a new phenomenon that surfaced as soon as Master P hit the scene and started letting out those shit straining "Uhhhh" sounds as record ad-libs.

But I must say, even though there has always been beautiful women in Hip Hop video's, I realized that at least women back in the day had some kind of discernible talent. Look at most of the video's from the late 80's and early 90's, most of those chicks had the heavy lifting of busting out choreographed dance moves on top of being the lovely female lead. Sure not all of them danced, but most of them did, and the ones that didn't dance had to at least have the skills of a B-Movie actress and make it seem like they actually liked the protagonist behind the microphone. Nowadays it seems like the only criteria for being a video girl is having big tits, a phat ass, wearing virtually nothing, being comfortable enough in her own skin to get degraded for millions of people, and possibly fuck some lowly member of the rapper's crew during the lunch break. Man, where's Big Lez when you need her?


PrettySmartGirl said...

Come on...lil Wayne has stepped his game up considerably.

BLESSD1 said...

Man...I miss Big Lez too. And everyone gets mad when you say that lil Wayne sucks...but dammit! HE DOES. I'm from Louisiana, and have listened to his body of work. He's actually dumbed down his rhymes from when he first came on the scene (which isn't saying much), all in an attempt to sell more records. I'll admit, there are songs that he's made that are almost palatable, but the bulk of his work is softer than baby shit. Now he's better than Jigga? STILL laughin at that one. Wayne sucks.