Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Hey HumanityCritic, what in the fuck are you doing with this in your ipod? Journey - Separate Ways

For the record this isn't the gayest video that has ever been made, this is. That being said, this is what I play whenever I get a bit too big for my britches, like Aretha Franklin trying to get one of the dresses she wore in the seventies over her big toe. Seriously, all that ever comes out of my mouth lately has been "Hip Hop is declining", "That journalist couldn't carry my jockstrap if he had a forklift", "Honey, after I cum that is your cue to leave!", dude just shut the fuck up already. There is nothing like my favorite Journey tune to bring me back to earth and remind me what variety of tool that I am.

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Lola Gets said...

Fuck yeah, thats a good song! I love the line, "if you must go, I wish you love." Ah, the soothing sounds of the 80's.