Friday, June 03, 2005

Anonymous Douchebag of the Week

The following comment was posted anonymously yesterday in response to a post entitled "The Greatest MC's of All Time"

Anonymous Comment:
"iight 1st off tha nigga before me dat said pac is garbage can suck dick...ight hands down like my man said pac is the best..Pac is ol skool plus new shit put together..but MOST IMPORTANTLY pac is REAL he dont make music for possers, he make music for real niggas, niggas in the projects (like me) niggas who were at one time on welfare niggas who r in jail...if u say pac aint the greatest its either cause u a fronter OR u havent real listen to his music an jus listen to beats, pac aint just a music artist hes deeper then that, he like a spirtual leader, a voice 4 niggas wit no voice, he only speaks da truth, listen to each word in his song carfully, pac asint jus G-up shoot 'em up nigga, he is but he also got a softer side, dat teaches moral in his song, if u wanna really hear some good pac shit dont listen to da mainstream u gotta list to the indergroud hood shit.. like "better dayz" "my block [nitty remix] " "Dear Mama" "brenda got a baby" "str8 ballin" "words of wisdom".."who do u beli ve in" "cradel to the grave" "thug 4 life" dat jus aint music dats real gettho gospel

HumanityCritic Response
Besides the fact that you express yourself like a incoherent Jackass, and cowardly post anonymously, why do you care who is on my personal list of favorite MC's? This is my blog and I type what the fuck I want, OK scooter? I liked Pac, but he doesn't make my personal top 10, or top 20 for the matter so deal with it. Do I think he was overrated? Hell Yes. I actually liked him better before he got with "Death Row" to be totally honest. Why do people act like you have sinned against God if you don't consider Pac as one of the greatest MC's ever? At the end of the day Tupac couldn't hold Rakim's jockstrap artistically or on a lyrical level, but then again that is my opinion on my motherfucking blog.


obifromsouthlondon said...

I used to get hassled for not owning any of his stuff. cant please everyone.

Maya's Brother said...

Bro, I got your back on this 1000%. Pac, Biggie and Jay-Z...all overrated.

Pac- he wasn't even the best emcee in his own crew to start with (Digital Underground). Mind you, he did get better...but still. If his name wasn't Tupac SHAKUR, he wouldn't be loved as much as he was- cats act like he came to Earth to get shot up for THEIR sins, when in truth, he was out do the same dumb shit they were doing, which was worse, cuz it was clearly evident that he knew better.

Biggie represented (at least for me) the capitulation of NYC hip hop culture's standards to sensationalism for the sake of commercial gain.

And Jay-Z....never really been my cup of tea.

jpsweet92174 said...

I know I have never left a comment on here before eventhough I am an avid fan...but I just had to say something about this one. Am I the only person that is sick and tired of guys that claim to be so thug and so street, yet they are taking time out of their very busy "hood schedule" to sit in front of a computer and pour their heart out about who is the best MC of all time??? I just had to laugh at this fool!

Miki said...

Can a person sound anymore ignorant? He talks about being in jail like it's something to be proud of, like it makes him more black.

What a jackass.

Safire said...

I totally have to go with JPSweet on this one. Real thugs are too busy getting their grind or their thump on to post bullshit comments on a blog. But I will say this. Dude may not be gangsta, but his fucking grammar and spelling are. He really should be ashamed, ol' illiterate A. Nonymous, about his lack of language skills.

CaffeineDiva said...

I definately agree with the statement that Pac was better before Death Row. Tupac was good, but totally overrated. I can easily think of several more skilled emcees that deserve props. Tupac isn't even close.

Ms. Blaize said...

Geezus!!!! What school district failed this dude???? Also why is he typing like he's texting your a$$ on a cell phone or something?
"if u say pac aint the greatest its either cause u a fronter OR u havent real? listen to his music an? jus? listen to beats"

Any minute now I can hear him sayin' somethin' ig'nant like -
"I got da innernet goin' nutz"

Speaking of nuts, he might need to back off of Tupac's nuts! He may need them wherever he is and I'm sure he doesn't need anyone weighing them down! ;-) ~ Ms.Blaize

dParker2.0 said...

LOL! This guy must be one of those people who thinks that Tupac isn't really dead... because you know that he comes out with a new album every year, and a new video every couple of months... he can't be dead... "How can Pac be dead if he's got a new vid coming out next week?"

Brother OMi said...

This comes from a "nigga" from the projects (matter of fact, my mother still lives in Monroe houses in the Bronx and i currently live in Park PLace, Norfolk one of the worst parts of the city):

I NEVER felt Pac. I felt he was overrated. WHY? well he came from a tremendous legacy (the Black Panther Party for Self Defense) and he never picked it up. he failed his legacy.

He was not actually a street cat because he actually went to one of the most prestigous schools in Baltimore. He was never a part of any gang. So he was a poser.

he did not really start hanging with thug cats until he ran with Biggie in NYC and later Suge Knight in Cali.

when he first came out he was a dancer and used an afrocentric flow.

I actually remember an interview he did for VIbe Magazine with Kevin Powell (Powell talks about it in his latest book) where Pac said "Thug life is dead" while he was in prison. Then he came out talking thug life and claiming the west? poser.

melette said...

Was that in English? Can I get a translation, please?

April said...

Lol, ;p

I shoulda added you to my feed aggregator a long time ago. Consider yourself stalked and linked. I especially like the article called "A Complete Idiot
s Guide to Having a Black Friend". I'm def. going to add that to my links under humor.

**FIRE** said...

It seems that ignorance is bliss, where Anonymous is concerned. I mean damn, you see all sorts of commas in that piece but WHERE are the periods? Did we learn the structure of a sentence in first grade, or am I apart of the selected few?

Anyways . . . .
Top MC's, hmm . . . . well Salt & Pepa, Queen Latifah, and Big Daddy Kane are some of my favorites.

ella m. said...

This moron was probably was one of the asshole New Yorkers who'd physically threaten anyone who meantioned liking Tupac at the height of the east/west feud, then started deifying him after his death and that of biggie, because his favorite hip hop mini mogul was on tv imploring the community to stop the violence.

JustDes said...

WHY, WHY, WHY? What was anon thinking? Man o' man....I wish a nigga would come on my blog talking like that...And then he has the nerve to big up one of the dirtiest, nastiest places in New York and the kicker is, he seems proud!

I can't stand ig'nant folks...

Coffey0072 said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Coffey0072 said...

I went to
to see if I could decipher what A.non was saying, but alas, to no avail. They didn't list his rhetorical brand of jargon as an option.

I am not a fan of Tupac/2Pac either. I didn't even fancy him when he was a member of Digital Underground. In fact, I hated Digital Underground and found the Humpty-Hump dance to complicated to fathom even trying. Tupac was a conflicted individual who didn't know how to just be himself (to be a street poet or feign Thug life, hmmm?). Instead, after he was released from prison, he followed Suge Knight(The Black Tony Soprano)- like a lost lamb following a wayward shephard.

josie said...

i dont have favourite rappers, i have who i like to listen to.

Sankofa said...

I have more respect for Pac now than I did when he was alive. Ever read any of his poems from his book, A Rose Grows from Concrete? Some really beautiful ones. Yet, what is he remember for...this image of being a thug. I teach English in a high school and I always use one or two pieces of his (without telling my kids who the author is) during our poetry unit. They are always amazed to find out who the actual author was. It's a shame. A shame that our society celebrates and awards ignorance and violence and attempts to stifle true talent.

And by the way...Mr. Anon...if you ever come to your senses and desire a tutor in the fine art of GRAMMAR...hit me up. Shyt..I'll do it for free as a service to our community and our people.

Mala said...

When I finish chuckling I am going to post a comment about this on your motherfucking blog!!!

nope said...


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