Thursday, July 06, 2006

Congrats Brother

First of all let me apologize to all my readers that I kept waiting, but I have been finishing up my book so that has taken up a great deal of my time.(Along with chronic hangovers and unsatisfying women across the globe) So now that I'm back to trying, if not already, being your "favorite blogger's favorite blogger", I want to get a few things off my chest concerning my friend "Iselfra". When I met him more than 6 years ago through my ex, at first I took didn't truly appreciate the words of wisdom that he dropped on me from time to time. Me being the paranoid, distrustful guy that I am, thought that his words of positivity were something that would fade like a prom queen's beauty 30 years after graduation only to see the ugly truth come out eventually. Well, I was wrong about him, and he has proven to be a great friend to a person known for not only burning bridges when it comes to friendships, but calling in air strikes to obliterate any thing in a 5 mile radius of said bridge.

Since I figured that I would feature a blogger that I read at least once a week, who better to start with than the guy who gave me words of encouragement that would stick in my mind every time I feel like I don't want to blog any more. Those words were, simply, "Don't fall off, and don't be wack!!" Along with those verbal gems have come refreshing bouts of blatant honesty from Iselfra like him telling me that a certain post was "Wack", his disagreement with me and my bleak outlook on Hip Hop, and his prophetic "I wouldn't want to be you right now, with the hate you are about to get" last year when I won those blog awards. Not only that, he is the only person besides my mother that can call me an asshole and get away with it, not because of our friendship but because he knows capoeira and I wouldn't want to write any "My boy beat my black ass" posts any time soon.

Not only do I want to say that his blog is mixed with intelligence, all the facets of Hip Hop culture, family, heart, consciousness, an all around great read, but I also want to congratulate Iselfra on the newest 8 pound 9 inch addition to his family.(A bouncing baby boy) Congratulations man! Now, if only I can find some woman to accept my demon seed, so my kid can battle your kid in a break-dance battle, "Electric Boogaloo" style!!


Piscean Princess said...

Congratulations to him! I'll be sure to check out the link.

chele said...

Great tribute.

911 said...

"Your favorite blogger favorite blogger" classic, true. I know a ton of folk that check your site out all the time but your not a link. Never the less I'll check his site you can never go wrong with *free* advice...1