Thursday, July 27, 2006

Video of the Day: Run DMC: "Run's House"

Even though Public Enemy is my favorite Hip Hop group of all time, Run DMC will always hold a special place in my heart. Besides them being one of the most influential acts in Hip Hop history, they ushered in a whole new style of the genre, and on a personal note, the are the sole motherfucking reason that I rock shell-toe Adidas to this day. Man, those guys were the first international rock stars of Hip Hop, telling the other facets of the music industry what I tell woman that I'm about to sleep with about my genitalia, that they are a force to be reckoned with.(Ok, maybe not my genitalia) You know what, as I watch the Mtv show "Run's House" I want to be disappointed and let down but I can't. I can't because I understand that people have to grow, mature, raise families, they can't always be that rebellious twenty something that I grew to love. I respect Run's, excuse me, Rev-Run's transition and the Cosby-like existence that he has molded himself into, I sincerely respect that. But excuse me for missing that fierce microphone wielder, the arrogant and pompous controller of crowds who felt that he could dismantle any mere mortal who had the audacity to battle him on any particular day. Run's attitude at the height of Run DMC was the epitome of swagger, look it up in Websters if you don't believe me, so excuse the fuck out of me if I'm taken aback by the kinder and gentler Joseph Simmons. That being said, I can still relive those moments via VCR, as Run violently exclaims in "KrushGroove": "This is my motherfucking house!!!"

R.I.P Jam Master Jay


Nobody? said...

LOVE that video! LOVE IT, LOVE IT! I agree, I kinda miss the cockiness of Run. And if you look at the end of the video when the camera swirls, you can see Run foribly grabbing his nuts...HARD! I mean, he's so tough he didn't ven cry

The Ambrosia said...

Since it seems that you have a vast knowledge of everything Hip Hop, can you tell me who is the mother of Rev Runs older children? I have searched the internet high and low and cannot find that information.

As an additional note I just wanted to say that this is a Wonderful BLOG keep up the fantastic work!

ESP said...

Hells yeah! Hit it Run and all that. I really liked Tougher Than Leather (the album, not the movie), but they fell the f--k off after that.

And Daryl & Joe is their best track ever.

Brother OMi said...

i used to get my butt whipped for running in the house screaming this... classic..