Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Keith Olbermann: The Nexus of Politics and Terror

I have first-hand experience when it comes to how crying wolf can lead to some pretty disastrous results. When I was in college I befriended this dude named Manny from New York, a slick talking cat who liked to fight and talk shit, of course we were kindred spirits. The problem with Manny, I quickly learned, was that he was a habitual liar of George W. Bush proportions. Besides lying about shit he had no reason lying about, he would always call me and ask for my help concerning "some guys" in "some bar" that wanted to jump him. Being the friend that I was, and just an ultra violent fuck who jumped at the opportunity to break a strangers jaw at a moments notice, I rushed out of bed to help my friend every single time. Each time I would get there Manny would say, "Hey man, you just missed them.." About 10 times and 4 people telling me that he was lying later, I finally decided that my new friend was pulling my chain and wasn't to be trusted. So the next time he called with some tall tale about some random group of guys who wanted to inflict bodily harm upon him, I told him that I wasn't coming and that he was full of shit. Well, as luck would have it that time he was telling the truth, he did get jumped, and to top things off he was stabbed repeatedly for his troubles.

He survived even though our friendship didn't, but I think about Manny every time the Bush administration raises the terror threat. I was always a believer that they were doing it for political gain, but seeing how Keith Olbermann broke down each time the terror threat was raised and how advantageous it was to the administration politically, I now have a legitimate reason to despise a man I affectionately call "The worst president ever". Looking at Bush's poll numbers I'm beginning to feel that people are starting to see past the terror warnings as well, let's just hope that when there is a real threat of terrorism that we don't sit idly by and let out country get stabbed. You know what I mean.

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