Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Video of the Day: Public Enemy: "Night of the living baseheads"

This by far is one of my favorite videos of all time, a creative tour de force that just reminds me of how great Hip Hop can be. While Nancy Reagan was giving us empty anti-drug slogans and there were commercials with some shit-stain breaking an egg in a skillet, Public Enemy and their depiction of "baseheads" was the best deterrent of on an impressionable mind like mine when it came to drug use. Granted, I never saw the allure in having a rapid heart rate, losing weight, and that sexy "glare of death" look that one aquires after a few tokes, but that's just me.

This song reminds me of this girl named Debbie and her crackhead mother. See, all of my friends would go to Debbie's house after school because we could play music there, drink, and possibly have our way with Debbie's mom because she was thick as a thoroughbred and hooked on crack.(I know, a strange combination, being "thick" and on crack, I know) Since I knew that Debbie was secretly horrified when one of her classmates was filling her moms out like an application, I was the only one that didn't find the need to have sex with the resident crack fiend of the house.(It wasn't just to spare Debbie's feeling, but I have always been wary of catching any diseases even then, and Debbie's mom looked like a walking germ farm) Anyway, every time me and my friends would knock on Debbie's door after school I would recite the same line MC Lyte did in this video, "We're in Wall Street searching for BASE-heads, lets see what we can find."

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