Thursday, August 17, 2006

Video of the Day: Big Daddy Kane: "Ain't no half steppin"

Whenever you attack some of the current artists and their vomit inducing excesses, their fans want to defend them by saying "Yeah, but rappers back in the day talked about Jewelery, pimping, and violence. It's ok when they did it but it's not cool now??" I always wait a few beats to make them actually think that they stumped me with their pedestrian point of view, but my response is a simple one. It was ok when they did it.. You know why? Because they had skills! My point of view has always been, that if a artist has skill in the way that they talk about pimping, killing, having a fecal fetish for Christs sake, I can excuse the subject matter a lot easier.(Of course I don't condone killing, pimping, or having some fat chick drop a load on me.) The reason it was easier for me to deal with those particular subjects when broached by a seasoned wordsmith was because the logical mind knows that they are just talking out of their ass. I mean, when does a pimp know when to inject iambic pentameter, what does a murderer know about a well placed metaphor, alliteration, when does a killer find the time to practice similes between drive-by's? But nowadays, when these artists talk about killing and pimping there is an air of realism to it, because they are so wack on the mic that you just know that they have other means of employment.(ex. pimping, killing, fecal fetishes..) Anyway, I love this Kane video.

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