Monday, August 07, 2006

Video of the Day: Black Sheep: "Strobelight Honey"

Probably one of the most popular songs about "beer goggles", I always loved this song because of the unadulterated truth of it. Have you ever been in a club and you were fixated on some hot temptress across the room, the entire night the both of you exchange flirtatious glances that you know is going to lead to her counting ceiling tile later, only to be disappointed later when the lights come on and you find out that the woman in question looks like a baboons ass. Ladies, I'm pretty sure you have encountered the same thing, upset that the guy you thought was handsome actually looks like Biz Markie when the ugly lights come on. Everyone can relate. But since I'm in a slump currently, and haven't had a steady stream of ass since the end of the Clinton administration, beggars can't be choosers right about now, no matter how she looks in a better light.

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One who tries said...

I say, better to find out when the lights come on than when you wake up next to 'it' the next day.

That's when you swear off drinking.

For a month, at least.