Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Video of the Day: Biz Markie - Biz Is Goin' Off

This video is corny and was probably shot on a shoestring budget, but who cares, this is what Hip Hop is all about. A classic song that would even make someone with whiplash nod their head back and forth, I remember as a kid how I used to play this video until the fucking videotape wore out. Plus, you know how defenders of current Hip Hop try to turn your criticisms around on you and assume that you hate anything that "isn't super lyrical". Well, acts like Biz Markie and Doug E Fresh weren't particularly lyrical masterminds, but they were dope in their own right and they epitomized Hip Hop. Take that, you fucking "Dem Franchize Boyz" fans!!


Anonymous said...

came across this video and you (and your disgust for many current so-called hip hop artists) came to mind. dont know if you ever posted it.


Jams said...

This brought me WAAAYYY back... chopping myself in the throak to get my Biz Mark on, LOL

Im ashamed to say all I remember is the chorus *hands head*

Keep'em coming!!