Friday, August 04, 2006

Sorry, but THIS is the most violent Hip Hop video of all time: Kool G Rap "On the Run"

You know how the Internet is, you stumble on shit unexpectedly when you are looking for something entirely unrelated to what you originally looked for. I have stumbled on a DJ Premier fansite when I was looking for midget pornography, I found an old high school friend on myspace when I was searching for a site where the women lacked a gag reflex, I even found a great Hip Hop blog when I was searching pornography where the women were covered in chocolate.(Yes, I like porn) So the other day, when I was browsing the Internet(probably for porn) I came across this page on SOHH where they were breaking down some of the most violent Hip Hop video's ever. It was pretty interesting, in a "I totally disagree, but respectfully" fashion, so I thought I would chime in with my 12 cents here on my blog. One of the choices on the site was N.W.A's "Alwayz Into Somethin", a choice I disagree with because besides having that fake rasta dude in the chorus, all the video was was the group members shooting off guns like they were at a firing range, shooting walls and shit. Another choice was Jay-Z's "99 Problems", great video, but anyone who has seen a "Behind the Scene's" part of a DVD knows about those squibs they put on your body to make it look like you are being shot. Yes Jay gets shot at the end, but not violent enough for a blood thirsty savage like myself. B.I.G's "Warning", nope, Onyx's "Live Niguz", please, it became apparent that I didn't agree with any of the choices that were on this gentleman's page.

The most violent Hip Hop video ever, in my chubby humble opinion, is Kool G Rap's "On the Run". Along with how eerie it was shot, the vivid story line in the song, and the actual bodies that homeboy catches in the video, I would say that this video in the winner hands down. Plus, come on, no one in N.W.A were real gangsters, Ice Cube was going to college and Dre used to wear lace and shit pre-N.W.A. Onyx, weren't they an R&B group at one time, and the mere fact that Sticky got his ass beat on MTV years ago in a boxing match against an X-Gamer erases any form of toughness whatsoever. Granted, I don't know what if any forms of criminality G Rap has been a part of, but lets just say that I wouldn't test him.


seamus said...

I like how unapologetically retro KGR is. When that video was over, I was ready for Ed Lover and Doctor Dre to pop up.

T. Cas said...

The good old days when you could show guns and say "jammy and shottie" on your video.

Saladevisitas said...

It's all or nothting - besides, the Kool G had a passport.