Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Video of the Day: LL Cool J: "I'm Bad"

You know what, even though I haven't purchased an LL album in more than a decade, I respect the dude to completely honest. Even though I'm no fan of the stuff that he does now artistically, I can't ignore his lengthy history behind the coveted microphone apparatus. He's still a legend, and the mere fact that he freestyled at a presidential inauguration gives him extra points in my book.

Today's choice is "I'm bad", a video that I loved as a kid and a video that I find utterly hilarious now. I mean, the video starts off will LL and his girlfriend handing out Anti-Drug leaflets?? Did anybody ever buy that motherfucker being a community activist? Also, what's up with that gay ass police dispatcher?: "Be on the lookout for a tall lightskin brother with dimples!! Not to mention the corny warehouse that LL is performing in, the video girls of the day that seemed to have been plucked off the street based on how off beat they were, but then again LL's "shark-fin" move is something that I still do at party's so I can't front but so much.


trapped in ATL said...

My fave part of the rap is "Oreos eat Cool J cookies" A classic.

trapped in ATL said...

My fave part of the rap is "Oreos eat Cool J cookies" A classic.

Jams said...

Why are you doing the shark fin move??????

As cute as LL is even HE couldnt pull it off..

Ms. Blaize said...

*Giggle* Two thoughts come to mind... I know we thought that my man had a little energy in that warehouse back in the day but now doesn't he look like he's partaking in Coke or PCP or something?? Straight Tae-boing it, isn't he?

This also reminded me of country ass Nelly's rendition of "I'm Bad" on one of those awards shows. I couldn't believe I am so old (35) that I actually saw someone imitate LL! He didn't do an awful job but his Kountry Grammar kinda gave him away.... plus LL would not have gold grills/fronts in his mouth!

Thanks for the memory HC!