Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Video of the Day: K-Solo: "Your moms In My Business"

Over the years me and the mother's of women I've dated have gotten along like a penis and Ellen Degeneres, or Eminem and a decent album. I don't know what it is, I flash that smile and try to charm the granny panties off of those wenches, but it seems that they always see through the facade and try to dissuade their daughters from dating me by any means necessary. I once had a mother lie and say that she saw me out with another woman once, one lady tried to have her two sons beat me up, another had a cop harass me for like a month straight, and this one lady told her daughter that I called her a geriatric dime-store whore.(Ok, I did say that..) Anyway, whenever someones mother is giving me trouble I always think about this song.

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Jonzee said...

This song...I have it on at least 3 different mix cd's...

And it always makes me think of my first love's Mom. She was an overprotective mean ass woman. I sometimes wondered if she wanted to screw him.