Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Amy Winehouse feat Mos Def - "Love Is A Losing Game"

It seems that every alcoholic has that "moment of clarity" epiphany, grown men dedicating themselves to a life of sobriety when their wife threatens to break north with the kids, some people's health issues scare them straight - I can't tell you how many friends I've introduced to a healthier lifestyle by pouring fake blood all over their car after they were binge drinking the night before, proceeding to drive themselves home. Even though I still imbibe in alcohol from time to time, what did it for me was when a career alcoholic with jaundiced eyes and a penchant for shaking when he went without booze for too long - actually put his arm around me a few years back and suggested that I cut back on my alcohol consumption. I get the same sort of feeling watching every Amy Winehouse performance, even though I'm the last person in the world suggesting sobriety - if I knew her personally I'd shake the shit out of her, tell her to stop drinking, and suggest that she possibly scrape the ship barnacle from her crotch.

That being said, why do her performances always seem as spirited as a hungover Mic Check?


Lola Gets said...

Yeah, I asked my boy this past weekend how long he thought this woman would be around (ie alive), given the way she drinks.

Eyez said...

i personally think her record company is enabling her...

drunk performing for her is like taking a comes natural.

Exhibit A:Amy Performing Rehab Drunk

Coffey0072 said...

Emaciated, drunk, cracked out of her mind... Amy is talented... and I'm hoping she doesn't self destruct... fame and money has a way of feeding of feeding off of the feeble minded. ;-(