Monday, June 04, 2007

Getting a cellphone is a sign of maturity, for me anyways..(

Well folks, I finally did it - after years of avoiding cell phones like the plague or Tyler Perry movies, I finally decided to join the rest of civilization and purchase some good old fashioned wireless communication. Sure, I've had a cell phone or two in my day - but the last time that I had contact with the outside world via telephone besides my designated land-line was when Lauryn Hill was having a nervous fucking breakdown on Mtv's "Unplugged". It's not that I was scared that I'd inappropriately use the phone's vibrate function on those cold and lonely nights, I didn't have any particular fear of me sporadically sending pictures of my cock that I had taken with my camera-phone to a few of the nuns who taught at my catholic school back in the day - the thought of me constantly instant messaging an ex who recently turned to lesbianism and typing "Your new girlfriend is manlier than I am! Just come over girl and get properly fucked on some "Move over bacon now there's something media" shit!!" never crossed my mind either. I simply avoided getting a cell phone because I'm a prick of the insufferable variety, and there has always been something sort of comforting about being elusive - even to my closest friends and family. I guess that's the closet recluse in me, willing to tell every sordid detail of my chubby pre-ejaculatory life on this very blog but at the same time keeping the people that I love at arms length like a boxer strategically using his jab.(Read more here)

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