Friday, June 29, 2007

Ann Coulter is no different than David Blaine or Criss Angel(

Maybe it has something to do with me just advancing in age, I'm 33 years old now and my genital area has so many grey hairs down there that it resembles an unlit cigar in an ash tray - but its become extremely difficult for anyone to shock me any more. There was a time when I would literally run in the other direction if a woman that I was courting felt compelled enough to tell me that she had over 200 lovers, I'd probably rush home to sanitize my telephone based on all the dirty conversations we've had - but I'm different after being intimately involved with a pornographic actress, now I'm shocked when I learn that a woman hasn't been "tag-teamed", had a steamy lesbian encounter, or been on the business end of a horse phallus. The other day when a fist-fight erupted at one of the local watering holes that I frequent, I noticed that I was the only who didn't try to get a front row seat to the melee - while haymaker punches were thrown in my vicinity I just stayed at the bar face down in my Rum and Coke. Not because its beneath me because I love violence, I really do - but with a history like mine where I've hit people with bats, chairs, skillets, not to mention that one time I choked a guy out with a phone chord, I guess your garden variety bar altercation is just old hat to a veteran of violence like me. Even when your text-book racist spews his or her particular brand of hate, whether its Don Imus, Michael Richards, or that white person who thinks he's reaching out to me by saying "You're pretty cool for a black guy" - again I'm not shocked, I guess it has something to do with me having such a low opinion of my common man in general.(My own mother claims that my reaction to a cross being burned in my front yard would be, "What fucking took them so long??!!!)(Read more here)


Laydia said...

I wish I could say that I've become desensitized to her brand of drible, but unfortunately that's not the case. She still gets under my skin. Like you said, she goes for shock value rather than genuinely stating her views and position. I wouldn't even call what she does "discourse" its more like playing the dozens. I woudln't be suprised if her next book or speech contained the phrase "Yo mama..."

As for the gray hairs: Dude, you're only 33! Don't tell me they start that early! :o(
And the comments about what would suprise you? ROFL!!! That's just nasty lol.

Eyez said...

"Mind Explosion!" - The Illusinators

and Criss Angel is a Dush bagged wrapped in aluminum foil.

Jay Siwel said...

"You're pretty cool for a black guy" which I would of replied,
Youre a douche, no matter what race you are