Friday, June 29, 2007

My daily attempt to resurrect Hip Hop: Organized Konfusion - Fudge Pudge

Organized Konfusion - Fudge Pudge

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erik said...

YO, That was thr SONG right there! Back when Pharoahe Monch was more stout than Biggie, they still had the lyrics that today's "rap" world could never match. I got thier first record and I'm much disapointed to the quality I'm given of the record (it only works through one side of the speakers). It's that Disney-owned Holloywood Basic's that lived up to the Industry Rule #4,080 and it's a shame on them. Pharoahe continues to be a lyrical wordmaster to this day and they deserve the same respect if not more than the wack groups like D4L and Trill Ent. and all 'em.