Friday, June 22, 2007

My daily attempt to resurrect Hip Hop: The D.O.C. - Mind Blowin'

The D.O.C. - Mind Blowin'

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I'm by no means trying to sign the man's death warrant, I'm fully aware of his legendary ghostwriting credits and the albums that he put out after his accident - but I just feel that after his vocal chords were severed in that car accident that it prematurely ended what would have been a legendary rapping career. Maybe this is hyperbole on my part, especially since one man is deceased and the other is still alive and kicking - but "No One Can Do it better" is such a classic album, the sky was the limit with that guy - unfulfilled potential that's clearly on some Len Bias shit. "Mind Blowin'" is my favorite song from the Texas-bred MC, even though his first album is littered with classic material.


Belvedere said...

It has always been my opinion that if the accident had never happened, the whole of west coast rap would look and sound totally different.
1. I don't think Dre would have let the influence of Tupac get to the scale it got
2. The Game might actually have someone worthy to emulate (and not have to namedrop every 20 heartbeats)
3. The skill level of all the artist out there would have increased, not that its not good amongst some artist but the skill factor would have weeded out some folks

Hustle Simmons said...

regardless of what anyone else thinks, this is a top 3 album of all time. and i'll take that to the grave.