Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Ladies and Gentlemen, Mr. Peter Rosenberg(Vibe.com)

In my opinion there is absolutely nothing wrong with being a "liberal", but Republicans and other people who were probably once part of the "Nazi Youth" have turned it into the ultimate insult - so much in fact that cowardly Democrats have distanced themselves from the word all together. Its sort of the way I feel about being labeled a "Hip Hop Journalist" - scores upon scores of pen wielders who claim that they also have the same love for "Two turntables and a microphone" that I do, but have blissfully gone out of their way and sullied something beautiful. (Sort of like ejaculating on a prom dress, I should know) Granted, I don't know if Hip Hop journalism has ever been any good, to be completely honest with you - but what passes for it nowadays seriously makes me consider tearfully putting a loaded firearm in my mouth as a fucking Billie Holiday record plays in the background.(Read more here)

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