Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Silver Spoons Ricky Schroder and Alfonso Ribeiro Breakdance

I'd imagine it's been extremely hard over the years for Ricky Schroder to take any sort of moral high ground when it comes to his friends' behavior. I can only imagine how many times he wanted to berate one of his buddies for excessive drinking but couldn't, wanted to have a rather stern discussion with one of his boys about his penchant for fighting in night-clubs but held back from doing so - everyone has a guy in his crew that loves to penetrate barely legal ass or recreation-ally does a little bit too much nose candy, only I'm sure Rick felt limited in dealing with said friends. See, Rick has had to bite his tongue, not because he's a negligent friend mind you - but because he feared that his verbal display of "tough love" would be met with an utterly sarcastic: "Rick, I know you aren't trying to judge anyone? At least there aren't youtube videos out there of me rhythmically paying homage to a future pedophile, alongside Alphonso Ribeiro of all fucking people!!"


Anonymous said...

Interesting Observation! LOL!

Anonymous said...


Ricky Schroder did a "Drop Science"

Damn, with the 80's sitcoms

Anonymous said...

they (the network) wouldn't even let Alphonso Ribeiro "style" on Rick ass like he wanted to. AR held back