Monday, June 04, 2007

My daily attempt to resurrect Hip Hop: "Jailhouse Rap": The Fat Boys

Yes, I was a fan of "The Fat Boys" growing up. A few years ago I might have been too much of a pussy to express such an admission in this very public fashion - especially since Hip Hop fans coherent during the tenure of the Fat Boys career can't seem to get that fucking "Disorderlies" movie out of their collective heads along with that dreadful Beach Boys inspired "Wipe-out" song and their rendition of Chubby Checker's "The Twist". But everything preceding said examples of artistry were dope in my opinion, I was so much of a fan that I distinctly remember a few of my cassette tapes snapping due to the overuse - besides, in this day and age of sub par journalism where "Hip Hop writers" surprisingly feel comfortable breaking down "Hip Hop is Dead" with a fine-tooth while giving artists like Lil Wayne and Camillionaire praise on some "there is no last place, we are all winners here - special Olympics" shit, it makes a brother want to loudly declare my love for "The Disco Three" from the highest of mountaintops. Not for nothing, and this could be because I'm a couple of cheeseburgers away from my gut holding a clear view of my penis for ransom - but didn't Prince Markie D seem a bit too thin to be in "The Fat Boys"? The same way I envision a young Hollywood starlet getting pressure, everyone from her agent to her accountant constantly suggesting that she lose weight to become more marketable - I always felt that they were pressuring Prince Markie D to gain weight, giving him food as Christmas gifts and shit.

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Anonymous said...

I had definitely blocked the "Wipe-Out" and "The Twist" tragedies out of my memory. But I remember watching Disorderlies an unhealthy number of times when I was a kid.