Monday, May 08, 2006

Bring the Motherfucking Ruckus!!

(title is a reference to the assclown who dissed me)You know, I don't mind a good old fashioned diss directed at yours truly if I did something to warrant such a wrath. For example, when my college girlfriend said that I acted like a 5 year old just because I used to flash a shit eating grin and yell "Boobies!! Boobies!" when she took her shirt off, she had a legitimate point. Or when I was a teenager and my mother called me a "fucking psychopath" just because I threatened to "gut" my brother with an axe that we had in our garage, she might have had a valid argument. But when someone disses you and the reason isn't a valid one, I really think that it is your duty to throw their bitch ass under the bus.

Case in point. I was strolling the world wide web looking for the most deviant forms of porn imaginable, when I came across a blog where some jackass had listed my blog along with others who didn't, and I quote, "extend their hand" when they requested "help". I didn't think much of that to be honest, I mean, I am so bad with emails that many of you who personally email me can attest to how long it takes for me to get back to you. But fuck it, I decided to read this dude's blog anyway.

What I found, unfortunately, was a gossip blog perpetrating itself as a Hip Hop blog, where I wouldn't be surprised to see paparazzi pictures of Russel Simmons, or long diatribes about the weight of Eminem's bowel movement as some sort of legitimate Hip Hop journalism. Plus, because of laziness and not knowing what blogs I want to specifically link to yet, I don't have any blogs listed on my page.(Something that will change soon) So, simply because you asked, I would surpass the plethora of higher quality blogs of people who check out my site and post a link to your blog, a blog that I wouldn't desperately drink a 40oz to garner enough urine to douse if it was on fire? Man fuck you, and the incredibly wack Hip Hop that your dumb ass rode in on.

That being said, I will ignore your request to follow in your mothers footsteps and eat a part of male genitalia(what probably got you through college by the way) and go on my merry way. I won't even say shit like, "Don't let this blogging shit get you fucked up!!, because I hate an internet tough guy as much as the next dude. Hey, I'm trying to be a kindler, more gentler HumanityCritic

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Georgiapeach said...

I know exactly where you can put that "kindler, more gentler HumanityCritic" at. :)