Friday, May 12, 2006

Ice Cube: "Jackin' for Beats"

You know, I feel that I might have given the MC with the birth name of O'Shea Jackson some undeserved shit over the years. I mean, even though I have been monumentally disappointed with every musical product that he has released since "Lethal Injection", seeing him as falling off, it's a possibility that I might have been a bit hasty with my hair trigger critiques. I stand by my feelings of not digging his recent recordings, but not everybody can stay in one place, why should I dis the fuck out of a guy just because he wants to grow as an artist? Kevin Smith can't do "Clerks" movies forever, and when he wants to do more sophisticated films his fan base better be prepared for that. So I guess Cube couldn't be the proverbial shit starter, political commentator forever, and I should have dealt with the fact that a change was inevitable. If he reads this, which I'm sure he won't, he is still one of the greatest MC's ever based on his work with NWA, "Amerikka's Most Wanted", and "Death Certicate" alone. That being said, here is one of Cube's classic joints, "Jackin' for beats".

P.S West Side Connection was unadulterated bullshit!!! OK, I'm done.


moriarty said...

Growing as an artist definitely means falling the fuck off. That said, Cube is top five.

Brother OMi said...

wtf happened to oshea man?