Monday, May 22, 2006

A Lyric that made me chuckle recently..

Saigon on the song "Contraband 2"

The forth question is a question that's going to shine/
This shit here is nasty as pork rinds/
I know yall say "he's the greatest" and all, fine/
But what was the worst Biggie line of all time?/
A. "Money and blood don't mix like 2 dicks"?/
B. "You look so good I'd suck on your daddy dick"?//
C. "I'd fuck RuPaul before a wack xscape bitch"?/
D All of that gay shit!!/


Gunner Kaufman said...

saw him a few months ago...he's tight as hell...hell of a show, hell of a show

Lhea J. Love said...

That's hilarious.

msjaim said...

...makes u think even..hmmmmmmmmmmm?

T-Square said...

C. "I'd fuck RuPaul before a wack xscape bitch"?/

That just made my head spin....what the fuck is he taking about...he would ratherfuck a MAN in drag before a woman from Xscape.

Yeah...some problems right there

strucel said...

I'll say B, but D wouldn't be a crazy choice either

Georgiapeach said...

HILLARIOUS!!!! I am going to have to listen to more of him. He snapped like hell on that one!