Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Video of the Day.. O.C: "Times Up"

Some songs stand the test of time and become as relevant today as the day they were recorded. Stevie Wonder's "You Haven't done Nothing" could be the first song listed if this administration ever came out with a soundtrack album, even though that track was recorded in 1974. Ice Cube's "Death Certificate" is interesting because even though it was released during George H.W Bush's presidency, Cube's references to Bush on that album sounds fitting currently based on the more incompetent pair of tits also named Bush in the White House as we speak. O.C's "Times Up" is even more relevant today then it was more than a decade ago when it came out, due to the influx of wanna-be tough guys who think that their imaginary street tales equals lyrical respectability. This is definitely a classic.


GG said...

I forgot how hot this video really is...Not only are we blessed with a hot intro, but there's something about heads noddin' in unison...


Georgiapeach said...

This song is so you! All the way down to when he says something about not conforming to gangsta rap for music.

I like it though. I like the production and the lyrics. Great posts. See, you put me onto something new. Good job HC!

Anonymous said...

Their time's limited, Hard rocks, too.

Just sick.

Thanks for reminding me.

Wild Pitch was one of the most underrated labels in HipHop.