Wednesday, May 03, 2006

HumanityCritic's "This guy is a dickhead" Award

(holding a candle AA Style) I'm HumanityCritic, and I'm a Kobe Bryant fan. I know, I know, you guys already know that, and the people who detest Bryant probably are tempted to stop reading my blog because of it. I understand, I really do, but I think my fanboy status was propelled by everyone's universal hatred of him a couple of years ago and the ignorant reasons for said hatred. But times have changed, I mean people still hate Bryant and everythingm but sportscasters have made an attempt to be more objective, except for this asshat.

I have noticed over the past few months that Woody Paige has a hatred for Bryant that is unmatched in the world of sports media as a whole. He doesn't hide his hatred for athletes like most sports guys on television do, waiting for the most opportune time to spew their displeasure of said athlete when they obviously do something wrong. Nope not Paige, Kobe scores 81 points and he has something negative to say, Kobe's new found role as a teammate, he talks shit, anything that most sports reporters could be objective about and give praise for Kobe, this douchebag opens up his diseased butt-cheeks and proceeds to spew fecal matter in Kobe's direction. The man is allowed to his opinion, this is America, but for Christs sake ESPN put up some sort of disclaimer when this guy talks about anything "Kobe" or "The Lakers". Like Bobby Brown giving an acceptance speech, when those topics are brought up you just know Paige is going to say some dumb shit.

Lastly I want to address a gripe that I have which is about a year old. Since Paige used to have ties to Colorado because he used to write for a paper there, he would use that to fool the audience that he had "inside information" about Bryant's trial. Even suggesting that Kobe was guilty based on what the public didn't know. Dude, for real, fuck you.


Anonymous said...

don't soon as stern's new prince (lebron) does something, they'll be off your man-crush's back. there really isnt anyone else in the league they can go after right now. not enough personalities like in the 90s (i.e. rodman). i admire you for supporting kobe through thick and thin. its waaaaay too easy to jump off his bandwagon and trash him. its not our fault, he gives us so much ammo w/ his arrogance and history of being as you call them, a douchebag. and i'm not sure why they let woody go on air on 2 different shows. around the horn appearances should be it for him.

Ron said...

I feel you, Paige is a dickhead. But I agree, people bash Kobe for the most ignorant reasons. He's "arrogant"?? So is about every NBA superstar ever motherfucker!!! Fuck people are stupid.

Reese The Law Girl said...

Actually, I disagree with the above comment (you know I have to defend Kobe-haters).

When it comes down to it, it's just basic human nature. People do not root for other people to be successful if they don't like those other people as human beings. Having such a stance is not stupid. It's human nature.

It doesn't mean that Kobe is a bad basketball player. Obviously, he's quite good. But, as for myself, I don't root for him to do well (although, I wish him no ill will...unless of course he really is a raping bastard).

I don't like Kobe as a person. So, I don't root for him. That's my opinion and I, and others who may agree, are entitled to it.

gwen said...

I agree with you HumanityCritic, that Paige guy could at least attempt to be objective. Like Kobe or not, if you are a sports guy who have to look at situations on a one on one basis, no matter how ridiculous your pent up Kobe hatred is. Plus, as for "arrogant", Michael Jordan anyone??

But I'll say this, the problem with most Kobe detractors is that they end up looking silly because their inability to articulate a legitimate argument. You will hear shit like, "I just don't like him!!", or "He's a jerk!!".. Ok, not that that has anything to do with playing ball or anything. I agree, and to steal one of your lines, people come off looking like a pair of tits.

The Humanity Critic said...

@ anon: I'll do one better, I won't publish any of your inbred comments, leaving you voiceless. Thoughts?

Nadia said...

i dont know why woody paige is even allowed on tv, or how he got there. maybe we can start a petition. I agree with you Reese ... unfortunately your demeanor on and off the court is going to influence whether or not people root for you, so tough noogies for kobe. but anyway, if you get a chance HC, check out my take in my blog. we'd probly just have to agree to disagree, but i don't think my reasons for hating on kobe are unfound. when he started out i actually wanted to see him do well .. but in my opinion his unbelievable talent was smothered by his unbelievable arrogance.

The Humanity Critic said...

@ Nadia: Thanks for checking out the blog, your input is appreciated. No disrespect, but I never understood the whole "Kobe is arrogant" thing as a real argument. I mean, I respect you and even can see why you fell like you do about number 8 as being legitimate.

But, when I hear that argument from most people its puzzling. Personally, I want my favorite football player, MC, lawyer, ect., to be the most arrogant son-of-a-bitch on the planet. I don't see this as a bad thing, and feel that Kobe detractors use it in their arguments like its a smoking gun.(not saying that you do) On a broader level, we don't know any of these guys personally. Actors that we love can be the biggest pricks in the world, a soul singer who melts your heart can be a cold hearted snake(wasn't that a song?). I also find it disingenuous when people use personality knocks against Kobe when we don't know any of these guys personally.


spchrist said...

This isn't hard to understand. Kobe isn't liked in the media because he broke up the Lakers dynasty and forced the Lakers hand to deal Shaq, an immensely popular player in L.A.

Anonymous said...

"@ anon: I'll do one better, I won't publish any of your inbred comments, leaving you voiceless. Thoughts?"

^^Damn. so much for having an opinion. still like your blog even if you take comments to heart when its about ya boy kobe. oh well, have fun cyber-throat-chopping me off your blog.

-anonymous 7:37am

The Humanity Critic said...

@anon: My bad, it's impossible to figure out if people who comment anonymously are people who dig my blog or total strangers who try to talk shit.

@spchrist: I feel you dude, and I agree that it is a legitimate point if it is coming from a lakers fan. But I think it doesn't quite work coming from people who hate the Lakers in the first place. Why their sudden emotional involvement on the player movement of the Lakers.

Anonymous said...

"@anon: My bad, it's impossible to figure out if people who comment anonymously are people who dig my blog or total strangers who try to talk shit."

^^No prob. I dont have a blogger acct, so i'll try to remember to put my blog-comment-nickname by my comments. heard about the "kobe giving up in game 7" theory on's daily quickie? your thoughts???


Nadia said...

when i said arrogant, i was talking more about what spchrist was getting at ... i know i don't personally know the guy and i could care less if he's a good father, husband, whatever. so, basically his arrogance as a player and teammate is what i have a problem with, and you dont have to be a laker fan to do that. and he doesn't really make those around him better ... not like nash does. i honestly didn't have too much of a problem with kobe this season til people started arguing the whole mvp thing, and in that case, i'll always have my boy nash's back. and whatever i didn't like about kobe stands out even more. that is all. thank you