Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Artist of the week that a old head told me to check out: George Benson

This week I had it in my mind that if Saxophone Willy gave me another name of an artist that I was already familiar with, that I would walk straight the fuck out of that dingy ass jazz club that he frequented like a petulant child, leaving with the bottle of booze that I had purchased for him. It's not I'm even that upset, but if I'm going to support someones spiralling journey down alcoholism lane and ignore the sexual advances of the many chicks of questionable sexual backgrounds who drink there because I stopped playing Russian Roulette with my cock, I at least wanted something in return. So, as I walked passed the door-man with a slight limp brought on by the battle of booze in my pocket, I see Willy sitting in the middle of 4 women like he is at a pimp of the year convention, waiting to see if he will recognized for his macking skills and an ever so accurate "where the fuck is my money" backhand.

The women around him were fine, but they looked like they had been around the block more often than your local trash man on his weekly route. So I said, like it was some sort of drug transaction, "Willy, you will get your booze if you give me a name. Shoot!!" He took a sip out his glass, looked up at me, and nonchalantly said, "George Benson". Frustrated, I said "George Benson"?? I know who that is, I'm gone man, fuck this!!" He urged me to stop, and when I did and told him that I probably knew more about George Benson than he did, he gave me about a 15 minute lecture on some George Benson information that I knew nothing about. I was humbled, in front of some fine pieces of ass no less, but he could still tell that I was disappointed. That is when he waived his hand and the women he was with, got up, sat besides me, and started rubbing my chest and playing in my hair. Shit, if he thought having a few hot women get me all hot and bothered was going to make me calm down, well, he was right. I'm an attention whore, and even though I am a sex fiend, I am also a germaphobe, so I smelled the cheap perfume and could tell what kind of women I was dealing with the same way a wine connosueir can tell you the year of wine they are about to drink.(*sniff*sniff* Vintage whore, 1975) That being said, this weeks artist is George Benson.

George Benson, born and raised in Pittsburgh, was a professional musician by the time he was three years old. Starting off as a jazz instrumentalist, when he was 21, he recorded his first album entitled "The New Boss Guitar." Benson, who many feel is one of the best guitarists in Jazz history, has often confused critics who try to paint him in a box but can't due to how versatile a performer he is. Able to play any style ranging from Jazz, be-bop, to pop, his amazing vocals are often overlooked because of how powerful a guitarist he is. With 60 albums under his belt, 8 Grammy's, and hits such as "Breezin'", "On Broadway", and "Give me the night", it is easy to see the musical excellence that qualifies this man as a legend. For all of you not familiar with George Benson, he played the guitar on Mary J. Blige's "Seven Days" record. That being said, check out my myspace page and listen to Benson's classic song "Masquerade".


Organized Noise said...

My old band director put me on to George Benson while I was in college. His "greatest hits" collection is a cool "chill time" listen.

Piscean Princess said...

Also one of the greats. I discovered him when I was about 10. He's one of those guys that you will overlook if you don't know how much work he's really putting in on some of his songs/albums.

Sax. Willie may not be hipping you to artists that you don't know, but he sure is reminding you of some superb musicians.

Brother OMi said...

all i can say is this:

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Breez said...

"Masquerade" is actually on my "Sexiest Songs of All Time" list. Even when he's in the background for other artists, there's something unmistakable about his sound.