Thursday, June 29, 2006

Video of the Day... Main Source: "Just Hanging out"

I have always loved Main Source and the song "Just Hanging out", really I have, but that isn't the main reason I'm playing this video today. The first reason I'm playing this classic tune is because I have become pretty cool with a young group of Hip Hop aficionados in my area, not "R. Kelly" young, but most of them are at least a decade younger than I am. Anyway, whenever I go to any of their functions, where "real Hip Hop" is played by the way, they spin this song as an indication that the "Hip Hop Uncle Rico" is in the house. Why do they call me that you ask? Well, the character in Napoleon Dynamite, "Uncle Rico", was a guy trapped in the past, not wanting to let go of the early 80's. Since they feel that I despise everything new in Hip Hop, and I constantly talk affectionately about the Rap music of the late 80's, they call me "The Hip Hop Uncle Rico". I should be pissed and throat-chop one of them, or kick one in the chest for having me be the butt of one of their jokes, but it's ok. Also, for the past decade and change I have called my brother a "Large Professor ass Negro" because of his striking resemblance to the man, but because he never knew who in the fuck I was talking about it was the best inside joke ever. That is, if he doesn't read this post.


T. Cas said...

Main Source was the shit back then. I thought Extra P was going to blow up, but he stayed on the low.

Brother OMi said...

and you forgot to mention a young Nas in the video. the intro is dope too, with the Live at the BBQ hook.

Beto in L.A. said...

Yo.... i got this song "just hanging out" as my ringtone and people always wanna know who it is. Nobody heard of them cats out here on the west coast and much less do those young kids. I guess being in high school from '88-'92 i was lucky enough to value that great hip hop era.
Main Source forever ya'll!