Wednesday, June 14, 2006

An Artist that a young cat Hipped me to: "C2C"

I know, I know, this is indeed a poor man's version of the "old head" segment that I do every week. No worries, this is only a one time occurrence, but I had to give love to a young dude that I befriended 6 months ago. In a nutshell, about 7 months ago I was coming out of my local convenience store with a box of rubbers, a 2 liter of soda and some potato chips, readying myself to give some woman the perfect date with HumanityCritic, when I saw two dudes trying to bully another kid out of his Moped. Usually I wouldn't get involved, and I had immediately made up my mind that it was none of my business, but when I turned around the dude getting bullied gave me that "please help me" look even though I was a complete stranger. I took about 2 more steps to my car, but quickly turned myself around because I just knew this pathetic little fuckers face would haunt me if something bad happened to him. So I walked up to the two boys bothering him and said, "What's the problem here?? Why are you dudes fucking with my boy??" Apparently kids today don't scare easy because one of them put his middle ginger in my face and gave me a very elongated "Fuuuck you!!", and the other was inching on me like he was going to do something. Then I asked them, "How old are you crumb-snatching bastards anyways??" In unison, like they were a part of some sort of white trash choir they said, "We're 19!!" My eyes lit up, so I asked the kid being bullied, "Are these assholes really 19??", he then gave me a nod and that's all I needed. I thought that I might try to talk these men out of hurting this poor defenseless boy, or in the least call the authorites before something bad happened. But I'm Humanity F Critic, the same guy who told a nun in catholic school that she has a nice ass, so I hit one of them with my newly purchased 2 liter until it broke open, and I hit the other one in the chest so hard that he clutched his chest for about 2 minutes like he was having a heart attack. As they ran off I couldn't help but to think to myself, "I really hope those dudes were really 19!!"

So from that point on Ronnie, the 17 year old dude that I helped was my new friend, sort of. I mean, I didn't want my neighbors to think I was some sort of pedophile, so when I would see him either on the basketball court or up at the convenience store that he would soon work at, we would talk mostly about Hip Hop. For a dude that was born around the same time that Big Daddy Kane's first album dropped, he knew a lot about old school, just proving that not all young people snap dance and think that Cam'ron is a lyrical mastermind. A couple of months ago when I saw Ronnie at the convenience store, he wanted to get my advice concerning how he should pursue an MC career that he wanted in the worst way. I paused, looked at him and said, "Regardless what happens, remember that you are white!", then I left. Cryptic I know, sometimes I like to be on some black Yoda shit, but I just hoped that he took what I had to say the right way. A couple of months passed and I hadn't seen the dude around, plus I was starting to feel sketchy about the advice I gave him, hoping that he didn't take it as some passive aggressive racism to keep him from becoming an MC.

Then, wouldn't you know it, but this red headed fuck stops by my house while I am cutting grass and tells me that he is going to some music school in California. I congratulated him, paused a few moments and said, "Did you understand what I was trying to say by the whole "Remember you are white" comment?" He smiled and said, "Yeah dude, you were trying to say that I don't have to try to be someone I'm not to be an ill MC." I nodded like a proud father, trying to contain my excitement and said, "Exactly!! You don't see Michael McDonald, Eric Clapton, or Hall and Oates needing to act black just because they were in a genre comprised mostly of Black folks!" Even though he said, "Who in the fuck is Eric Clapton and Hal and Oates??", I was too proud of the guy to throat chop him. Anyway, the clip above is of 4 DJ's from France that call themselves "C2C", three-time winners of the DMC competition. There are dudes that Ronnie hipped me to a while ago but I'm just now getting around to checking them out, and I must say they are dope. Tell me what you think.

2003 DMC Performance
2004 DMC Performance



Brother OMi said...

aw.. i see you have a padawan learner now..

dope clip man, thanks for hipping me to this . the babies love it

Bk_red said...

awwww.... sweet story. learning lessons is what life's all about. be nice to the little redheaded fuck, though. i love my own red hair, but i'm a female. it's gotta be rough to be a dude with red hair.

Piscean Princess said...

How very My-Name-Is-Earl of you to help out the lad in his time of need.