Friday, September 15, 2006

Anti George Allen (Sen-VA) TV Spot

This is a good television spot, not only because it is quick and to the point, but also because I hate George Allen with a motherfucking passion. Not only because he is an incompetent politician who is in lockstep with the Bush Administration, many men and women fall under that inbred category. But the guy is a piece if shit, one who's younger sister charges with hanging her by her feet over Niagara falls and beating her boyfriend with a pool cue, a dude who owned stock in the company who makes that "morning after pill" even though he opposed abortion, his love for the confederate flag and the hangman's noose he had in his office, his initiating contact with the Council of Conservative Citizens (CCC)- one of the largest white supremacist groups, and him calling one of Jim Webb's campaign volunteer's a "Macaca"..("Macaca" is considered a racial slur in francophone African nations, most notably Tunisia.)

Listen, if you live in Virginia lets make sure this inbred son of a bitch doesn't become governor of a state that I call home. If you have family in Virginia, friends, a chick you once fucked on a dare, whoever, urge then to vote for Jim Webb(Allen's opposition) as well.

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