Friday, September 22, 2006

Is the current state of Hip Hop like the Bush Administration??(A Repost by Request)

You know what, I can say with a straight face that I sort of respect Bush supporters, I'm being completely honest with you. I mean, despite an economy in the shitter, blatant incompetence that makes you think that Barney Fife has been the one running the country for the last 6 years, Katrina, being lied into a war, and a shitload of other offenses that I could list for days on end, people still want to stand behind their commander in Chief, that is loyalty like a motherfucker. The way that people who support this administration tell you, with a straight face of their own by the way, that Iraq is going swimmingly is a commitment to incompetence that I am forced to applaud. It reminds me of Hip Hop in a way, despite the proverbial wackness that the genre is in, the depleted level of skill that is being passed off as being "lyrical" nowadays, the unimaginative cluster-fuck of artists that are being embraced by the masses, there are still a great deal of people who simply can't, won't, or don't recognize the shit-storm thats around them. It made me start to think that Hip Hop is a lot like, *gulp*, the Bush administration.

Hip Hop fans: "Bush supporters": Bush supporters are a lot like a lot of Hip Hop fans in many areas to be totally honest. They both are loyal to people who treat them like glass licking retards, nodding along like the mindless automatons that they are as their intelligence is being insulted, eating up every word like its the fucking gospel. Also, Bush supporters and fans of sub-par Hip Hop have something else in common as well, they get hysterical and act all emotional like a schizophrenic on her period if you talk about "their guy" in unflattering terms. I'm serious, say something bad about Bush to one of his supporters, or say that Young Jeezy's music sounds like a gorilla cumming and see the reaction you get. Like prodigy said, " better have that riot gear ready.."

Hip Hop Journalists: "Fox News": Listen, when I tell you to not listen to Hip Hop journalists I mean it, so if you consider me one and want to ignore me like an Eddie Murphy comeback album so be it, because I applaud independent thought. Just like there are good Hip Hop fans out there, there are also great Hip Hop journalists as well, they are just few and far between. I mean, when they go out of their way to defend sub-par Hip Hop and assure the masses that Hip Hop isn't dead, how can we take them seriously? Especially considering that money is their bottom line, and they wouldn't want to fuck their writing career by being honest, and most of all they wouldn't want to mess up their life long aspiration of being on "Best Week Ever!!" Like Fox News, Hip Hop journalists aren't to be trusted because they are just shoving propaganda down your collective throats for a greater personal good.

Corrupt Politicians: "The Artists": Just like the dirty politicians associated with the Bush administration, most of the artists out there have no problems taking your hard earned money in exchange for such a shitty display of public service. People tell me that the days of payola in the music business are over, but based on the steady rotation of constant bullshit that is played on a daily bases on your public airways, I find that pretty difficult to believe. Just like that lobbyist that lines the pockets of your states senator just so he would vote a certain way when a certain bill is presented in front of him, I'm sure that artists, or their reps, line the pockets of some of these radio people so you too will be doing some ghetto dance in no time flat. Of course this isn't an indictment of all artists, but you all knew that..

Press Secretary: "DJ's": I'm not talking about your garden variety DJ, possibly one of your homeboys who still spins legitimate Hip Hop whenever he does a house party in your local area, I'm talking about some of the more popular mixtape DJ dudes who have reached prominence in the recent years. Most of these dude, my age or older who were born and raised on great Hip Hop, will wax poetically on "how great" the art-form is now and how it's "progressing". Those displays of ignorance made me want to go to one of their shows, approach them like I wanted an autograph, and as they reached for their pen I'd punch them in the throat repeatedly, possibly throwing their DJ equipment over their suffocating body for good measure. But I realized something, these dudes know that 90% of the stuff that they play is horseshit, but to keep their kids fed and maintain their monthly allowance of stripper cash, they have to put a good face on their feelings of the genre in its present state.(I guess they ignored O.C when he said, "I'd rather be broke and have a whole lot of respect") It reminds me of the Press Secretary, even though he privately knows the low approval ratings of the president, the shambles that is Iraq, and overall incompetence on every level on the administration, he has to go in front of the press core every day and act like things are going smoothly. Put a good face on things so to speak.

George W. Bush: "The Radio": Of course the radio doesn't represent real Hip Hop by any means, but George Bush doesn't exactly represent an authentic Commander in Chief either. Bush is simply a puppet being pulled by right wing puppet masters and the radio is just a vehicle for evil record execs, but what they both have in common is that they have the collective ear of the American people. The same way that Bush wants you to think that Democrats are a bunch of "cut and runners" when it comes to Iraq, the radio tries to make you forget your Hip Hop sensibilities and get you to make your "shoulder lean". The way that Bush always says that we are "fighting them there so we won't have to fight them here", is similar to the message the radio tries to brainwash you into "snap" dancing or doing a minstrel-esque dance entitled the "Chicken Soup".

Karl Rove: "Record executives": Karl Rove is just like those evil record executives, the men behind the curtain running the entire show with evil plans of world domination etched in their cerebellum's. The same way that Karl Rove was behind the shameless attacks on Max Cleland, a veteran who lost both legs and part of an arm in Vietnam by calling him "unpatriotic" in one of his campaigns, I feel that record execs are behind the notion that lyricism and integrity are things of the past concerning Hip Hop. The way that Karl Rove insisted that the republican party disregard Global Warming as nonsense and embrace lowing the standards of power plants just for a buck, despite the danger that both have on the health of American people, records execs have no qualms about putting out mindless Hip Hop that is endangering the Hip Hop landscape that we live in. Evil fucking bastards!


Truth for the Alamo - Remembering How to Remember said...

obviously it must be...Bush is an idiot

mutoni said...

you speak the truth! fuck hip hop (of today), and fuck the Bush admin.

Anonymous said...

hey HC

As I was reading this post i was reminded of the Fountainhead. You should definitely read it if you have not done so already. Anyway the main theme of the story is that if someone or something is powerful or in the case of Hip Hop an art form with the ability to foster revolutionary thinking then the best way to shut it down is to find the most mediocre form of that talent ad hail it as the best. Since there are alot of people out there who dont think for themselves in no time at all the artform will be destroyed. I hate to preach conspiracy theories but I think that's what happened to Hip Hop. It made tooo many people of color question the way society was set all it makes us want to do is "shake that ass" ...or change the station.
just a thought


Sankofa said...

You forgot one HC -
Condelezza Rice (Video Hoes) Because let's face it, they both seem to need a black woman willing to shake her ass a bit to divert attention away from the idiots on the mic.

Great post Papi...

Wesley said...

HC, I think the same comparison can be made with Rock the sheep-like followers of "Nu-Metal" and Emo bullshit and refusual to aknowledge it's past and elements outside itself. Just my two sense on the whole thing.

Chubby Chocolate said...

What about Condi? She'd qualify as the toss up (do people still use that term?)...Bush and his henchmen running trains on her, using their pricks to puppet her every word, diverting attention from the fact that they are possibly establishing the foundation for world war III..Ok that was a bit over the top. I think it's time for me to go to bed now.

West said...

From what I saw, you've got some pretty good comparisons there.