Friday, September 08, 2006

The Burning Question.. "Who in the fuck is Manjula??"

"HumanityCritic, who in the fuck is Manjula??"

This question has been asked to me at least one hundred times, so let me break my silence after two years of blogging. Well, "breaking my silence" makes it seem like I was keeping it from all of you on some "Manjula was a dude I did time with who saved me from numerous anal raping's, as long as I held his pocket as ownership when he walked around" shit, when sheer laziness was the only culprit, but I digress. Manjula is an Internet savvy ex-girlfriend of mine who introduced me to the wonderful world of blogging, basically because she felt that I needed my own soapbox, thus saving her from countless hours of "who would win in a fight, Fat Albert or Shaggy?" conversations. When we were together I was inconsiderate and emotionally unavailable, so her acting as tech support for my blog baffles me like the popularity of Lil Wayne. Granted, this blog probably frustrates her because I ask her to do menial things that even retarded stroke victims could do with ease, but I appreciate her nonetheless. So, I hope that answered everyones question.


Paul said...

See, and I thought Manjula was the name of Apu's wife on "The Simpsons." Shows you what I know!

CaffeineDiva said...

Welcome to the light Manjula! It's good to be acknowledged as the saint of my favorite insufferable prick!