Wednesday, September 27, 2006

My "Fuck Blockbuster!! Hello Netflix" selection of the day: "Dinner for 5: Season 1"

Even though "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate factory" and "Hollywood Shuffle" are two of my most favorite movies, don't hold that against me, I feel that I'm a motherfucking film connoisseur. That's why, after what feels like a lifelong struggle with phantom late fees and a staff that knows about as much about film as a mute ,a few months ago I gave Blockbuster their walking papers and went with Netflix. The last thing I ordered was Season 1 of the Jon Favreau hosted show "Dinner for 5". Listen, even though my acting credits range from "Black guy #1" in my 4th grade play to stereotypical "Drug Dealer Charlie" in one High School production, I love to hear actors talk about their craft and inside information on the wonderful world of film.

The DVD wasn't that bad, you get to hear actors relay their personal experiences in some random L.A restaurant over Merlot and overpriced meals, that is something to be expected. I love Jon Favreau and I'm a fan of "Made" and especially "Swingers", but the way that he constantly segues every conversation to relate to one or both of those pictures is as irritating as getting a blow job from a hooker with Narcolepsy. If someone brings up an unruly extra Favreau chimes in with "This one time on "Made", budget concerns, script changes, stem cell research or motherfucking the slaughter in Darfur, you will occasionally hear "This one time on "Swingers" Jesus fucking Christ Jon, I get it, you were in "Made" and "Swingers"..

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Piscean Princess said...

I think we should be Netflix friends. I'm obsessed w/ Netflix and you & I have very similar taste in films. Think it over...