Friday, September 22, 2006

Video of the Day: De La Soul: "Baby Phat"

I'm glad that people genuinely like what I do here, I really am, but the weirdest part about it is all of the people who come to me with legitimate problems and real life concerns. Even though taking advice from the likes of me is akin to asking Courtney Love for hygiene tips based on the daily drivel that you see here, but I still warn people that I'm the wrong source of advice imaginable. Anyway, I got an email from this woman named Suzy who told me about her boyfriend threatening to leave her because she gained a few pounds. Before I could get around to answering the email, she sent me a photo and it was obvious that not only was she a lovely lady that shouldn't have anything to worry about, but that her boyfriend should be beaten to death with a pillowcase of soda's. So of course I gave her words of encouragement and told her to be proud of who she is, along with my phone number and how I prefer chicks who lack a gag reflex. I know that a trained therapist wouldn't hit on his clients, but motherfucker I'm not a trained therapist!!! Anyway, Suzy, this video is dedicated to you.

*Suzy is Ok with being outed*

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